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Zombie exodus safe haven romance options.Zombie Exodus: secured Haven


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This walkthrough provides details on each stage of Part IV: Survival possesses many spoilers. You’ll wish to play through it very first before using this walkthrough. Each section is explained because of the most readily useful options to attain targets to improve your chance at success, enhance your character, and locate various other survivors.

Component IV opens up with two strangers requesting admittance into the Cathedral. Working with all of them uncovers their backstory, and you also do have the opportunity to kill them both should you want to decrease your mankind. If you let them stay, which can be advised, the story fundamentally continues to a vote among your survivor group to let River and Starr join or not.

Choose Persuade the group to simply accept the strangers to the Cathedral. Those two brand-new survivors add many perks towards the team:. This section does not have any zombies! No zombies, you say? Really, this is certainly a character-building part, not just when it comes to primary personality MC but also for all other survivors non-player characters or NPCs.

There is no right or wrong method to play this part; instead, it really is a way to read about various other survivors, change your commitment results using them, and at many affect whether Jason everyday lives or dies. In either choice, you can view the fight between Carl and Jason. Prior to the battle, in the event the cleverness is 20 or maybe more, you will end up given an alternative to maneuver closer in the event you have to intervene.

Choose that option and Restrain Carl before he inflicts more injury to save your self Jason from death. This latter option additionally works in the event the strength is 20 or higher and dexterity is 25 or higher.

Saving Jason provides a supplementary survivor for the pivotal last scene of Part IV where more survivors means much better chances at defending the Cathedral from a combined raider-zombie attack. Irrespective of this fight, you will be additionally provided opportunities to talk to other survivors. Group meetings enable you to find out more about them and offer possibilities to improve commitment ratings.

If you made a decision to take River and Starr to the Cathedral within the last section, you can speak to all of them for an invaluable item. Choose Their everyday lives before the outbreak to talk about an item called zombie ward, which River purports will make you invisible to zombies for a short while. Choose Ask for a sample of zombie ward to get the product.

If you want to go after a commitment with Tom, the choice comes up at the conclusion of the part if you should be perhaps not romantically involved with Heather or Mindy along with your relationship score with him is large 60 or greater. Component IV has mission-hub scenes, that are broken up by weeks when you look at the chronology associated with story. Each scene provides several options for offered missions, improvements, or interactions. The next table breaks down the types:. There is no right or wrong option to play these weekly moments, and you will might like to do several playthroughs to see most of the content.

Nonetheless, should you want to save the most people within the epic struggle at the conclusion of role 4 and not exposure important survivors, there was a suggested road, explained below. In inclusion, it is best to do one improvement in a week and follow it with a mission.

Do as many interactions while you wish. Recommended Purchase of Improvements. Don’t forget to only do one enhancement per week, unless no missions can be obtained. Recommended Order of Missions. These pages will undoubtedly be updated as mission walkthroughs are built readily available. Hangoverpart96 March 9, at AM. New Article Old Post Home. Donate to: Post Comments Atom. Missions — can perform one mission a week, which escalates the tale to the next week. Scouting the location across the semi-abandoned camp-site.

Possibility to include two brand-new survivors: Crone and Kelly. Find out about Colin along with his bandits. Escorting Starr and River to access their gear.

Chance to include meals to Cathedral. Searching for food when you look at the Old Pine Woods with Heather. Get a hold of Toby, the dog. Returning to Temperance with Mindy for medicine. Adds Devlin and Eugene, which improves Cathedral Offense, meals and medication.

Talk to Emma about her key. Uncover the secret of Cassie, utilizing the option to rid Emma of her impact or have Cassie stay. Find the pistol crossbow, a powerful, silent, ranged weapon. Improvements — can do up to two improvements per week. Best to do a minumum of one, then a mission. Adds Cathedral Offense and Defense based on technical skill. Training the survivors in tool use and Cathedral unpleasant methods. Improve Cathedral Offense centered on dexterity.

Improving one of your own abilities. Improve power, dexterity, technical, or intelligence if under Scavenging for food. Appears in Week Adds 4 days of food. Socializing utilizing the survivors to construct morale. Improves relationship along with survivors according to charisma. Communications — can do as many communications as you prefer each week.

Having to pay a call to Devlin. Opportunity to improve commitment with Devlin. If you are creating a romance with him, this scene lets you advance it. Paying a call to Kelly. Chance to enhance commitment with Kelly. Having to pay a visit to Crone. Opportunity to enhance commitment with Crone. Read the diary you based in the camp while shopping for food with Heather. No effect on the video game. Just a quick story within the online game.


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The Zombie Exodus: secured Haven show will stay with future stories in brand-new areas within the following years. Play as male, female or nonbinary, gay, directly, bi, asexual, or aromantic. Part One alone is over , words very long. Zombie: Exodus romance. That do you would imagine is the better romance within the online game. 6 feedback. share. save yourself. conceal. report. 94% Upvoted. I haven’t attempted romancing female LI in ZE secure Haven. Choose Ask for an example of zombie ward to get the item. If you want to pursue a relationship with Tom, the option comes up at the end of the part if you’re maybe not romantically associated with Heather or Mindy as well as your relationship score with him is large (60 or better).

This is certainly a full page concerning the figures appearing in Zombie Exodus: secured Haven. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to work on this. Get Known if you do not have an account. The Protagonist. The Protagonist The player character regarding the show, their battle, sex, appearance, skills, and personality be determined by the people choices.

Action Girl : If female, and with high fight skills. Action Survivor : Perhaps. Chick Magnet : almost every girl they meet can be seduced by all of them. Living Lie Detector : with a high Empathy, the gamer may also be informed when someone has been real, deceitful, or manipulative. Through the Eyes of Madness : Using The Delusions challenge, the protagonist features an unspecified condition causing complex hallucinations. They start the game off having forgotten to fill their particular prescription, and underneath the belief that the medication ended up being unneeded.

It is obvious that their particular infection has gotten a whole lot worse to some extent 2 as a fresh member of the team labeled as “Ray” who also looks exactly like them is, in reality, simply a figment of these imagination and it has the actual opposite personality for the protagonist. Nephew the ball player character’s nephew, who’s sticking to them in the event that player chooses the Dependent Child challenge during personality modification.

Adorably Precocious son or daughter : He is an 8-year-old which appears to immediately realize how dangerous the outbreak is and makes methods to survive to get meals and products. The strain : Usually averted; although he frequently wants to follow the Player Character as they are scavenging or fighting zombies, he obeys as he’s told to stay hidden rather.

He additionally helps the Player Character with packing up their things, acquiring liquid from snow and taking care of their particular dog whether they have one. Parental Abandonment : their mom, that is additionally the Protagonist’s sibling, died in the very beginning of the outbreak and there’s been no mention of their parent. Jaime A fellow survivor, and friend of the player personality at the start of the online game.

Huge Man on Campus : based on his relative Woody, he became this as a teenager because of their impressive physique and charming character, after having already been an extremely introverted child. The child player character comes with thoughts of Jaime as a popular senior in senior high school whom safeguarded freshmen like all of them. Distressed Dude : At one point he should be rescued through the bandits and zombies that are maintaining him caught in the twelfth grade’s roof. Genius Bruiser : really huge and tough-looking, he’s additionally well educated, smart and has several skills and passions.

Gentle Giant : He’s 6’10” and weight, in which he’s additionally a genuinely sort individual who volunteers utilizing the mentally sick, wants to understand finest in people and attempts to stay away from physical violence whenever you can. Perhaps not Distracted because of the gorgeous : the ball player character can attempt to make out with him as he’s working on restoring a motor, but he’ll usually carefully mention that hehas got other concerns right now. Madison Milford Twin sister to Brody Milford, and classmate into the player personality if they’re a teen.

Alliterative Name : M adison M ilford. Crazy-Prepared : she will utilize guns competently and hunt wild game, and she actually is accustomed camp into the woods because of an uncle whom wanted her and Brody become able to survive rough circumstances. Madison believes he somehow knew that the Zombie Apocalypse would definitely take place. Popularity Food Chain : She arises from the richest household in town, she actually is attractive as well as on the top of appeal ladder.

She is usually friendly and level-headed. Brody Milford twin-brother to Madison Milford, and classmate into the player personality if they are a teenager. Crazy-Prepared : Like his sibling, he invested lots of spare time together with his survivalist uncle. He’s not as good at hunting as Madison, however. Lovable Jock : Used to be in a Little League team and then he’s a pretty nice man.

Reilly a guy whom appears near the end of component 1, along with his mama. In the event that player chooses the financial institution Robber career, he’s their particular companion in crime. Your family That Slays Collectively : appears to have grown-up in a single, as their dad and grandma had been crooks.

There are hints that Nora was once one as well. Julianne A hacker and safety consultant, she will be experienced by people with all the Hacker career, or by people who find a way to hack a database for information about the Zeta Virus. Amicable Exes : Downplayed utilizing the hacker player character if they are enthusiastic about females : they will have decided they are Better as Friends nor seem to harbour resentment toward one another, but Julianne just isn’t a very amicable person overall and they’ve got not kept in contact for a while.

Friendless Background : If the player character claims to Deter that they’re Julianne’s friend, he replies “Friend? I didn’t know that she had one particular”. She mentions her family members, but never any buddy. Life-or-Limb choice : Her hand had been hurt by a zombie and she slashed it off to prevent the spreading of the infection.

Nearly Dead : While she did drop her little finger, this woman isn’t as dead as Jason believed this woman is. Stalker with a Crush : Claims that Jason a prominent member of LEGIT became this to her after their particular first time, and forbids the ball player Character from providing him any information about her whereabouts. Thomas “Tommy” Monroe A fellow survivor, and a neighbor for the player. Are recruitable. Disappeared Dad : He mentions that his daddy left the household when he ended up being a kid and his mama had to strive to sustain them both.

It is All My Fault : Blames himself for their mom’s death because he had beenn’t able to protect her from the zombie that infected her. Mercy eliminate : in the event your character chooses not to ever help him along with his zombified mother he is able to later be located infected in the house, as well as your character can place him out of their distress. They feel pretty bad about Tommy’s death.

Revenge Before explanation : following the murder of their mama, he is happy to exposure his well-being to avenge her. Secret personality : to be able to recruit him, the Player needs to head out to start to see the mob near a next-door neighbor’s home for him to acknowledge you and you need to be in your own home from the overnight for his occasion at pm. Took an amount in Badass : Goes from becoming an ordinary college student very worried for their mom to becoming a determined man out for revenge.

He apparently surely could enter a store full of zombies, simply take military gear from some dead soldiers and exit unscathed.

Deter a part of the hacker community LEGIT, he and his group are attempting to uncover the truth concerning the outbreak, in addition to working to establish a communications network with the capacity of enduring the apocalypse. Uncertain Disorder : He’s mentioned as twitching uncontrollably while talking to the player character, which thinks that he could have some form of stressed condition. Christian Lopez A wounded soldier whom stumbles in the athlete Character’s residence regarding the second day’s the apocalypse.

Secret personality : to be able to recruit him, the Player has to keep their property to either help him or steal from him. Jillian A survivor who can show up on the protagonist’s home shortly after the outbreak, along with Lyle. Is recruited. Bitch in Sheep’s clothes : She pretends become a good girl but she’s after your materials. Freudian Excuse : through the Mother’s day supper, it’s subtly suggested that Jillian doesn’t or did not have a good commitment along with her mommy.

She’s today involved in some Lyle A blind survivor who is able to show up in the protagonist’s doorstep right after the outbreak, along with Jillian. Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing : He pretends is a great blind guy but he is after your materials.

Obfuscating impairment : he could be faking their loss of sight to con you. Apply a Bus : If he survives, he actually leaves the area to seek help from their girl. Wounded Gazelle Gambit : He is a con musician who is faking a disability in order to take your products. Rachel A woman which can be experienced regarding the 3rd day of the outbreak. This woman is the cousin of one associated with the player personality’s next-door neighbors. Very little is famous about her last.

Action Girl : Excels at killing zombies. Ambiguously Trained : this woman is good with guns and it has an huge toolbox of cool weapons, including katanas and bombs. This causes some person in the team to mistrust her, convinced that she’s maybe not which she promises is. Many of them discover her behaviour off-putting, but she genuinely desires to protect the team. It’s All My Fault : She blames by herself for maybe not discovering the existence of the Silverthorne militia before as well as for devoid of been able to defend the group against them, despite her CIA back ground.

Woody Jaime’s cousin, he’s an unkempt guy that is competent in building. Embarrassing First Name : appears to strongly dislike their offered title, Moses. Killed Off for Real : this can occur in the fight on the hill, where he, Benji, and Bailey can become dying. This will be particularly sad because unlike the other two, the gamer personality has the chance to get acquainted with Woody fairly prior to he bites the dust.

Jaime will still be upset about any of it during the pharmacy operate objective. Parent with New Paramour : His moms and dads separated when he was 15, and his mama remarried, had been widowed and later had an indigenous American boyfriend who inspired him to get involved with the field of anthropology. He describes each of her mother’s lovers as usually nice but stupid- her spouse was bitten by a rattlesnake he was peeing on , along with her boyfriend lost three fingers in a blender.

He’s additionally skilled in electronics, programming and crafting. Dillan Leader of a tiny number of raiders, he’s commandeered a armed army jeep and it is deploying it to rob survivors. He had been an orderly at a mental hospital. Following the health and security staff abandoned the center, he left with a few customers, including Driver and Rosie. The Corrupter : Took benefit of Driver and Rosie’s mental health issues, their separation and anxiety which will make them join their group and do quite vicious things.

Driver an user of Dillan’s gang, and usual motorist of their jeep. May be recruited nearby the end of Part 1 if he is perhaps not killed. Rosie a part of Dillan’s group, she usually operates the jeep’s. Can be recruited close to the end of Part 1 if this woman is not killed. Ain’t too-proud to Beg : whenever a large number of zombies sides her while she is chasing the protagonist, she pleads using the protagonist to save lots of her life.

Cruel and Unusual Death : If she actually is not rescued, she falls into a horde of zombies and it is consumed alive. Dark Action Girl : more violent person in Dillan’s group.