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As you might know, component two of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven has dropped, and after getting hired, i recently recognized that I may have trouble. If any person here could help me personally remember which did what and just why, and just how you encounter all of them in part one, it would be much appreciated.

Dante is a ex reality TV show celebrity that has been a bounty hunter when you yourself have seen the truth TV show labeled as puppy the Bounty Hunter then Dante was nearly Dog in this case. Lopez may be the solider that one may choose to save your self from his captors that collapsed in front of your house. Yep your right that they are the mother and child combo you satisfy at the end of component one. Yeah its a pretty cool one as it adds a unique dynamic to the group though we preferred my police MC as the moderate suspicion we for one another adds a very good roleplaying aspect into the game.

Yeah, Part Two has actually been included with secured Haven as an enhance. Anyone remember exactly what component you meet Kelly at? And after that you also satisfy her whenever you go to strike the Makarovs after their particular rampage on your own home. Doing this using the men offers you an intro for them, talking to Bailey opens up her up as a possible LI in part two.

Information: long brown tresses, pale skin, dark-blue eyes, short nose, and slim lips. Description: Uk accent, high, tribal tattoos over their hands, and a nasty scar along his left cheek. Brody: students of Chipper Ridge High school you found while saving Jaime. Twin cousin to Madison. They are Milfords, the wealthiest household in Nightfall.

Information: quick blond hair, blue-eyes, fair epidermis, highly athletic build, well-defined muscles, taller than average. Dante: injured guy operating from two zombies outside of your property on day one post-outbreak. Information: deep, rich brown complexion, a bigger mind than should fit on their slim, bony frame.

Jillian: a complete stranger who showed up with Lyle outside of your property on the first night post-outbreak. Description: curvy figure, slightly angled teeth, a-sharp overbite, a dot of a mole above her lip, and blond hair with dark origins.

Description: pale skin, waify build, very long, jet black, straight tresses, fully tattooed arms. Lopez: soldier which collapsed outside your house on time one post-outbreak. Information: tan epidermis, brown locks in a crew cut, clean shaven, angular facial features, typical but toned body.

Madison: a student of Chipper Ridge twelfth grade you came across while preserving Jaime. Twin-sister to Brody. Information: fantastic blond locks, blue-eyes, reasonable epidermis, slim but curvy and normal height. Information: high and slim, scruffy beard, powerful jaw, brown eyes, wears costly dress pants and a tailored shirt.

Nora: mother of Reilly, They showed up on day two post-outbreak exterior of one’s burning house. Information: lady in her own sixties, grey hair, blue eyes, frail, utilizes a cane. Parker: your neighbor, a museum curator, scientist, and instructor. Information: of Korean lineage, brief spiky locks, stocky create.

Rachel: relative of Vince, your next-door neighbor out of your home in Nightfall. Information: has actually a small Uk accent, appears high and lithe, light brown hair falls only above her shoulders, appearing dramatically cut at the finishes. Description: minor Irish accent, thin and well toned build, hair chestnut brown, lengthy, and swept straight back. Reverend Church: he had an auto accident outside your home on time one post-outbreak.

Description: quick, dark-skinned guy in a pin-striped fit and pastel red shirt. Rosie: one of the bandits who you encountered when you observed Jillian and Lyle to your parking area.

On time one post-outbreak, you moved with him to his house to help save your self their mother who had previously been bitten by a contaminated. He joined your group on day two post-outbreak. Information: strong, athletic create, striking, almost mature facial features. Information: shaggy and unkempt hair, wears a bushy, untrimmed beard, and generally muted, work clothes.

Perhaps in part 3, following the time skip? Tho not like i really could have checked it out myself. Was asking because during my existing play through as an adolescent in part 2 whenever expected that is your primary intimate interest kelly was a choice. Hey, all, As you might understand, component two of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven has fallen, and after setting it up, i simply noticed that i might have trouble.

Oh damn actually? There was a summary range of the figures in the game. Jaime: a close friend. Information: six-foot-ten and four hundred weight.


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Characters. ATTN: This category is exclusively for the protagonist, antagonists, additional figures, minor characters, and main figures (men and women in your group) if you want to make your own customized bio of your personality “that is my personality jane doe/john doe” MUST be added the fanfiction category. Creating a character bio must certanly be % precise. Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus: secured Haven tend to be zombie survival RPG-text games created by Jim Dattilo. These are their contact links: Twitter, Twitter, CoG discussion boards. Secured Haven. In Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven the protagonist must endure into the “” new world “” taken over by zombies. Gather your friends and family and fight for the everyday lives. Jul 06,  · Lopez is the solider that one may choose to save yourself from their captors that collapsed in front of your property. Kelly was a tv reporter i do believe while Nora and Reilly (I’m positive on this although not therefore yes) could be the mama and child you satisfy at the end of the secure Haven component One.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You’ll want to login to work on this. Get Known if you don’t have an account. The Protagonist The Gamer Character. Their particular title, sex, and career are selected because of the player. They wake up throughout the Virus Zeta outbreak to find that their particular little cousin has not returned from a supply run.

Having not a way to contact her, the Protagonist tries to escape from the apartment building and find her. a dad to their guys : It is entirely possible and suggested to try out the Computer once the sort of character who’ll never ever keep anyone behind even if they have beenn’t the top for the group.

At first. Then John Was a Zombie : One of the endings requires you waking up and recognizing that you’re a zombie, the events in the Cathedral had been only hallucinations, and you’re being experimented on by scientists. Candace: “I would be completely pleased with Carl if he just i’d like to be. Don’t protect myself a great deal. Did not keep me personally locked up with all the experience if I talk to particular people or take action he does not like that he’ll penalize me personally for it.

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