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Super consumer is a question and solution website for computer system lovers and power users. It takes merely a minute to join up. Connect and share understanding within an individual area that is organized and simple to search. I just got a unique device, and I also’d choose to duplicate my pidgin configurations from the old device into the brand new. What files need to be copied and where? The entire directory could be brought over, or you simply want certain pieces glance at the individual files, they are pretty self explanatory accounts.

Wear them the Windows 7 machine in. I’m not sure whether it’s developed by default, nonetheless it undoubtedly helps in handling the directory afterward. Essentially you merely have to duplicate that. Register to join this community. The best answers are voted up and popularity. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with an exclusive group.

Create a free staff What is Teams? Discover more. How exactly to transfer pidgin options from 1 computer system to another Ask Question.

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Where does pidgin store logs.Where does Pidgin display Jabber Away communications? – Ask Ubuntu

Feb 19,  · Pidgin is a chat system which allows you log into records on several chat companies simultaneously. This means you may be communicating with pals on XMPP and sitting in an IRC channel at the same time. Pidgin operates on Windows, Linux, as well as other UNIX-like os’s. Aug 11,  · Pidgin’s Plaintext Passwords. This has actually bothered me personally for quite a while today (even when pidgin ended up being called GAIM). This is the inescapable fact that when you wish to have pidgin save your valuable login code it’s saved: in an easy to gain access to location, as well as in an unencrypted fashion. This is actually the excerpt from my ~/.purple/ file. You are able to set a PURPLEHOME environment variable to tell Pidgin where it must keep (or search for) folder. I am uncertain whether or not it’s developed by standard, but it certainly helps in .

This has really bothered me personally for a long time now even when pidgin was known as GAIM. This is the reality that after you wish to have pidgin save your login code it’s saved: in an easy to gain access to location, plus in an unencrypted style.

So I ask you to answer, is this a good idea? But, just how many times have actually you strolled away from the computer system and forgotten to secure the display screen? So, in less than a moment some body may have easily discovered that code in the config file.

At the least until they implement some level of encryption. This entry had been published on Monday, August 11th, at pm and is recorded under arbitrary. You’ll follow any answers to the entry through the RSS 2. You can easily leave a response , or trackback from your website. I would recommend simply not having pidgin store your code. Even in the event they encrypted it the encryption key would need to be hard coded somewhere.

Although that would make it slightly harder to obtain the password it nonetheless could be feasible. I simply stay away from storing the code. The reality that they believe this really is too inconvenient for users is retarded, in addition to explanation I use Bitlbee. They might also use the approach that Google Chrome takes, and encrypt the password with the fundamental operating system crypt APIs. Then, whenever user logs in to the system, Pidgin will have use of the encrypted password of the account. So what if IM is not the best protocol on the net?

Most of the designers should do is make use of something like MD5 encryption for the passwords. MD5 is a one means encryption and thus cannot be cracked by simply getting the encrypted password. Are you trolling? MD5 is not an encryption, but an hash.

You are correct that a one-way hash cannot quickly be undone, but how is Pidgin going to authenticate with all the I am system if it cannot decrypt its own stored passwords? Some IM networks authenticate with plaintext so every time Pidgin would like to authenticate it must know the plaintext password. The situation with just about any encryption is the fact that it takes an original secret for decryption that can’t be kept on the pc.

Or else you tend to be saving the lock and secret together. The only way to get an encryption key exterior to the computer system is have the user supply it. That beats the goal of saving the passwords for some intents. I save my passwords because I do n’t need to form any password.

It should be linked to gnome-keyring, or comparable. The clear answer is obvious, really. You might be commenting with your WordPress. You might be commenting making use of your Google account.

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