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This application requires a java runtime environment 1.8.0.


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Have a concern relating to this project? Subscribe to a free GitHub account to start an issue and contact its maintainers and also the neighborhood. Already on GitHub? Register for your requirements. TL;DR: how to deal with registry secret when working with zip circulation? I actually do perhaps not know where to address my concern are conscious this repo is for the installer , please be sort if you believe here is the wrong spot.

With issue 64 you produced a way to use the installer to handle the registry miracle If there currently is no means the written text had been updated successfully, however these mistakes had been experienced:. Enter “environment adjustable” to the search industry of Microsoft windows and the right option should appear.

The registry entries are produced manually using regedit. If i am aware dhamann precisely he desires to add the JAR mimetype is executed by Java for instance. Is the fact that right? Is scoop like home-brew for windows? The task has 11k stars on GitHub. Possibly we should think of offering a script for scoop? It could utilize the road supplied like shown when you look at the screenshot below i just painted that as a suggestive concept, current dialog can be shown BELOW for research concept for various Dialog two root nodes :.

Current Dialog one root node :. Tends really challenging to locate “the right” solution! I’m perhaps not yet yes just what the precise problem is. Therefore it is difficult to recommend some thing and much more therefore to do this.

Just what do you wish to attain? Beyond using “registry miracle” to the ZIP files? Do you need several Java versions and a simple way to modify between them? Why is utilizing an MSI maybe not an option? So no. Reproducing the windows registry settings that get set by the installer after having extracted either by hand or by making use of a tool like scoop the zip-distribution.

I currently built the following reg-file But i probably never have grasped the image good enough. A batch file given the zip distro that sets just the right entries is most likely additionally too difficult? I attempted to omit the FeatureMain option whenever calling the msi-installer But that did not produce the envisioned outcome. Both the “App Paths” and “solutions” registry subkeys are acclimatized to register and get a grip on the behavior of the system on the behalf of applications.

The App Paths subkey is the favored area. After some weeks of inactivity i just re-read your whole thread along with this problem however becoming open personally I think a bit of “something to accomplish kept” you might like to ask me to close it if it could be the way to go. If you believe that this some thing executable that could be contained in the zip distribution could be something that could be creatable Or the challenges applications have to check out the configured java binaries to run with.

If you actually want to, you are able to produce a PowerShell or batch script that does the registry modifications. But why? If you prefer that types of automation, the MSI has you covered and even provides several safeguards you’d to re-implement into the script. This is something that has got to be solved because of the application that manages you JDK installations. For the record: I don’t believe it makes sense for information or the same tool to utilize the MSIs. VS Code does it and judging by the bug reports we get right here, it wasn’t the best choice.

In case your tool does variation management of JDKs, let your tool handle the registry things. I recently do a little reverse manufacturing to a 32 little bit executable generated by java. In reality, it just iterate over a hardcoded range of Registry path and iterate the subkeys within it.

The CurrentVersion secret is certainly maybe not check always at all. The executable check the subkey title as version string, that ANY variation above 1. So, All i want is put the following content inside a javahome.

You may possibly modify it a little to fit your scenario. My openJDK version is jre The java exe file is retrived from right here. Skip to content. Brand new problem. Jump to base. Labels concern.

Jobs installer. Milestone September Copy link. It could use the course supplied like shown in the screenshot below I recently painted that as a suggestive idea, the present dialog is also shown BELOW for guide concept for various Dialog two root nodes : Current Dialog one root node :.

To write “Oracle Java Key” you must write to [ Windows Registry Editor variation 5. Do i need both? Win10 Pro x64 we was beginning to fear this bunny gap. Win10 Pro x64 no. You could also ask us to close it if it is the path to take if you were to think that this anything executable that might be included in the zip distribution will be a thing that may be creatable in my own very first post I inquired ” Thanks, too, to any or all whom took enough time to inspect this problem. Sign up for liberated to join this conversation on GitHub.

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This application requires a java runtime environment 1.8.0.Error: “This application requires a JRE ” · Issue #52 · kaikramer/keystore-explorer · GitHub

I will be using the launch4j maven plug-in to build for my application.i’d like also to embed a bundled JRE.i were able to attain it with success from my pc which i have java _ setup. My problem now’s whenever we make an effort to perform from a VM device which has had not java installed i . Oct 17,  · In my security, I was believing the loader, which states, “This application requires a Java Runtime Environment “, not “This application calls for Java Runtime Environment or later on”. The former is precise, the latter is at least. Hi MEN! These days in this video i am going to teach you just how to fix “THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT”. It really works on all version of MINECRAFT. To repair.

Have a question concerning this task? Sign up for a totally free GitHub account to open up an issue and contact its maintainers while the community. Already on GitHub? Check in for your requirements. When operating the kse.

Whenever operating through the demand line with java -jar kse. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. KSE makes use of launch4j under Windows. As much as I know, launch4j searches the usual installation paths for a Java runtime. Plus it most likely assumes the Oracle standard folder brands.

Would you mind re-testing this matter and, if required, file an upstream ticket at launch4j? OpenJDK is a relevant platform, I guess. I will be presently coaching a Scrum staff when you look at the German lender business. So much for relevance. But I confess, this can be just one single project, I cannot talk for the remainder computer software development world.

Go ahead and do whatever seems appropriate. Thank you for your swift response as well as for kindly considering our circumstance. It may help comment on the feature demand, and so the author of launch4j notices there is not just one user that desires this particular aspect. Also, as I have already pointed out, there is always the option to copy the jre folder in to the KSE folder.

KSE then uses this local runtime preferredly. Obviously transform the JavaHome to your Zulu installation. So far this works quite nicely for me personally. Hi, chhe your version didn’t work with me, im running windows 10 professional 64bit and i needed to alter your workaround like therefore:. On Microsoft windows, one feasible option would be to produce a directory link inside the KSE installation directory making use of the cmd.

Launch4j does not support it however, but that’s a separate problem. If this option is selected launch4j kse. This is good to learn – thanks. I do believe it might be implemented in KeyStore Explorer’s setup. Something like «where is yout Java installation? That’s not real. Launch4j features a configuration alternative called ” runtimeBits “, which determines which registry routes tend to be examined for JRE locations:. Suitable place for detecting the JRE could be the launcher. There was already a patch provided for launch4j which solves this problem, but we will need to wait for the next release of launch4j.

Launch4j features a setup alternative called “runtimeBits”, which determines which registry paths are examined for JRE locations For KSE oahu is the standard, which means that both 64 little bit and 32 bit Java runtimes are observed. Oddly, on one system, the registry values were not here although the function ended up being chosen when you look at the installer. It is great. Thanks for the follow-up. Today, of course, it really is needing 1. The trend is to set a minimum version without any optimum, in place of a particular version?

KSE works perfectly fine with Java you merely have to check out the solution to produce the registry entry whenever installing AdoptOpenJDK as described on the download page.

Mart-Bogdan Did you stick to the instructions from the install page of KSE or a few comments above in this violation 52 comment? If you wish to attempt the newest launcher, you are able to install a beta variation right here: kse.

Fair sufficient, though we currently understood that from operating it with JDK 15 using the -jar demand range kind. During my security, I was thinking the loader, which states, “This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1. The previous is specific, the latter is the very least.

For some time I became erroneously under the impression that the loader was needed instead of being a mere convenience, and that the software require exactly that version. It can most likely help the scenario to incorporate a basic command range into the “Running” area, along with a statement along the lines of “KSE could be run by simply starting the container or utilizing the Microsoft windows executable.

Regardless, thanks for this program — it really is excellent and the loader concern is, in the long run, a small irritation at the worst.

I really do value your time and efforts and didn’t imply to sound ungrateful. My suggestion with this front is that the launcher should do several pursuit of increased robustness. In inclusion, the installer could create a JRE symlink into the application directory site to the proper path. Let me know if you are interested. In considering this much more, I wrote a launcher executable that makes use of a kse. In the event that you operate a reinstall, it will probably rewrite the kse.

For anyone that desires to use KSE on Windows without having the installer, you can offer an example kse. This might seem to be an easy and clean solution providing you with a straightforward solution to operate KSE on Microsoft windows without needing symlinks, complicated searching into the executable, etc.

That could be significantly more than sufficient, though I’m amazed you didn’t do the JVM place within the launcher as opposed to the installer , if the ini file is certainly not current. Possibly as the installer is Windows specific, nevertheless the launcher signal just isn’t?

But having said that, anyone utilising the zip package most likely has plenty of ability in order setting the path manually.

I suppose this might be one method. My idea was that the work of choosing the Java runtime seems more appropriate for install time as opposed to operate time, and it is not hard to reinstall or perhaps manually modify the kse. But, several remarks above I have posted a pre-release form of the latest KSE launcher.

This is going to be the answer for the launcher concern for the following KSE release. It isn’t total however, nevertheless the next KSE release is still quite far. When I have said earlier , the installer isn’t the right destination to look for JREs. Updating or switching Java runtimes following the installation is actually perhaps not managed.

Therefore the signal for locating the JRE should really be within the launcher, maybe not into the installer. Besides the new launcher there will be an additional form of KSE for Windows coming because of the next release which includes a custom Java runtime.

Providing a self-contained version of KSE is probably the best answer also it may also help with some seats describing problems that I just cannot reproduce.

I’m not too yes. With regards to cryptography, I want it to use the version We have set up. I believe I would get worried if my keystore supervisor is making use of crypto from JSE 15, released, say in , plus it ended up being and JSE 22 may be the most recent.

Seems like bundling a JVM is just adding upkeep expense. This can be a persuasive argument in support of including this reasoning when you look at the launcher as opposed to the installer; we agree with this evaluation. After thinking about this even more, it seems this problem is nicely solved on house windows by using a DLL that will identify a Java installation utilizing the aforementioned practices and return information about it.

I composed a model that exports 4 features:. IsJava64Bit – returns non-zero if the recognized Java is bit, or zero if perhaps not bit. GetJavaHome – returns a unicode string in an output parameter containing the Java home directory site location.

GetJavaVersion – returns a unicode sequence in a result parameter containing the variation number embedded in java. I’m doing a bit of even more examination, nonetheless it appears to me that this functionality would be useful not merely to the KSE project but for anyone writing Java programs becoming operate on Windows. Bill-Stewart feels like a good idea. Exactly what language do you make use of? The x86 version can identify bit Java installations given that it knows how to read the bit registry and file system whenever operating on a little OS.

Finished preliminary release. Updated to v0. Useful in case Java detection fails you know the road and filename of java. Bill-Stewart I took a fast consider your JavaInfo project and like how good reported and easy to comprehend everything is. JavaInfo will then still only discover Java 8, which is not just what the consumer would anticipate.

That is practical and I also think you are correct about this. Bill-Stewart launch4j searches the next registry areas:. Thank you for the feedback! Needless to say let me know when you have some other suggestions. Per past recommendations the search order may be the after:. I would personally do these registry entries in 5,6,3,4 purchase. I will be updating the DLL so that it returns modern variation across all registry subkey queries as kaikramer advised – and I also agree and so the particular order should never make a difference.

We undoubtedly need certainly to search the JavaSoft subkey given that it gets utilized by:. I added mainly for completeness.