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Sans is like ness, ness can teleport, sans can teleport, within the undertale game there is a “badge of some type” that’s probably ness’ badge. And don’t forget whenever ness needed to battle the final boss? The equipment could perhaps not process natural product so they really needed to place their particular souls into the robots.

When you look at the Halloween version the creator would not forgive himself because his son could perhaps not return to real life.

So, exactly what ness might have done is utilize his badge when you look at the machine so he comes home to life, but all organic material was dissolved but their skeleton. Additionally, in san’s cabinet there is certainly a photo of three faces saying “never forget”.

I think that the 3 buddies tend to be ness’ three friends. One last thing this indicates unusual that Sans wouldn’t be a skeleton, but there is multiple pieces of evidence that help my claim and concept that Sans the skeleton is a person.

The first reason is while completing a Genocide Run, Sans doesn’t actually die onscreen, yet offscreen, and does not deteriorate like many beasts whom pass away. The 2nd explanation may be an impression, however it is strongly evident that Sans is potentially the toughest employer within the game, being the ultimate boss of the most difficult route, with many different lethal attacks that continue for ten full minutes, is regarded as challenging.

The next explanation Sans is a human is basically because he bleeds, some thing humans do, not skeletons or beasts thinking about the fact no other monster bled in Undertale. The fourth explanation Sans is a person is really because whenever any other character speaks, their particular mouths move, while Sans’ stays however, just like it is a mask. The 5th reason Sans is a person is because he sleeps, some thing Papyrus, his skeleton brother, doesn’t, becoming a real skeleton, some thing Sans possibly is certainly not.

The sixth explanation Sans is a person is basically because he understands saves and dedication, things people understand, and there is no research that Alphys injected Sans with it. The 7th explanation Sans is a person is basically because he understands stats, anything Frisk you a human understands, appearing he is more so a person from associated with human being sensations.

A counterargument to your debate will be the proven fact that “Undyne could possibly be stronger than Sans”. Just because Undyne doesn’t call it quits does NOT mean that she is stronger then Sans, while he is filled with more techniques that Undyne could not have the ability to previously do.

For this reason Sans is a person. Once the beast’s reach the top, Papyrus inquire’s sans, “Brother, Whats that big ball? There is a theory where sans Is Ness from earthbound.

He bleeds, Not like other beasts whom turn to dust. He also says when you look at the battle against him into the genocide path, “kid, I quit attempting to return back in the past. Idk after all this cousin is a genuine skeleton, without doubt but then again, This could you need to be arranged. Idk i am talking about it could be this or that. Idk lol. Exactly how would a skeleton bleed? And only a real human could be able to bleed.

Again, Humans can bleed, Skeletons cannot! So he could be individual! He would just bleed if he had been a person because papyrus did not bleed whenever you eliminate him into the genocide run. Therefore sans is ness and look at the scars on papyrus’s badge, They fit perfectly with the badges associated with security in mom. This is certainly my reason behind sans being a human.

He has got real human bones and understands English. So idk if he would be English, Or what ever nation, But he could be still a skeleton. A living one. He’s got his very own shop and may run it. He could be a human. It really is a glove, Like Papyrus. After all, taking a look at the form and means they appear, They look like mittens.

Possibly KNIT. Thank you for reading. I believe Sans is a human for countless explanations reason 1 Sans is reduced then Papyrus and along with his head is significantly diffent then his brothers 2 he drinks ketchup without having spilling it if he had been a skeleton it would get all the way through him then and there 3 he sleeps Papyrus does not rest 4 he bleeds for crying out loud is that weird to you personally 5 he does open their lips but Papyrus does you may think that is strange 6 he has got an image with people saying remember 6 he is aware of time outlines.

Bone marrow, discovered inside bones, Is purple. That is probably why he generally seems to bleed. Additionally, Bones tend to be moist. The exhurtion when battling might be warming him up bringing away water, Like a chicken bone tissue into the oven. As to becoming powerfull. I got nothing. I am going to think about various other opinoins on that though. He’s a fucking skeleton! It says so in the online game. He has eye sockets. No attention balls. Just how the fuck could he be a human tho. He says his name is sans the skeleton.

He’s a mama fucking skeleton. Ask Toby fox m8, He end up being the creator. Sans is not a human. He is not really a normal skeleton. He could be really an EXO skeleton. My proof is how can he take in and it maybe not get all the way through him. Humans do not have an EXO skeleton. Even want even more proof. Determination and secret cancel one another aside. That explains the reason why in genocide, they melt of dedication.

Heck, also sans melt. In his fight, he sweats. But wait, monsters can’t sweat, they’re underground in a cold, thick cave in a mountain. Sooo, he was filled up with dedication and starts to melt.

Also, majic can’t be controlled by people because we’ve dedication. And sans can teleport and travel through time. So, I think there is certainly a definite answer. Sans isn’t a human. Toby Fox made an Earthbound hack, i know, but he had been therefore, i truly like to hear your rebuttal.

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Sans cant be a human because he will not bleed the blood is just ketchup plus in the overall game it demonstrates he is a skeleton k k k k k k k kk k k k k k k kk kk k k k k k k k k k k. By using this website, you consent to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Research. Article Your Viewpoint. Create Brand New Poll. Sign In Subscribe. Include a New Topic. Is Sans the Skeleton Actually Human? Expected by: GameOfThrones. Yes he is Sans is similar to ness, ness can teleport, sans can teleport, into the undertale online game there was a “badge of some type” that’s probably ness’ badge.

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Sans’ name alludes into the typefaces for which he speaks in: Comic Sans and Sans Serif. This is certainly a reference to Helvetica, a webcomic about a skeleton named after a font. In Japanese phonetics, Sans’s name is homophonous utilizing the title of the Sanzu River, a boundary between death and also the afterlife in Buddhist lore which, like Sans, judges all who. Sans The Skeleton Chat Room. Sans is a Skeleton, he life when you look at the Underground alone along with his Brother Papyrus, Sans is quite sluggish for the majority of of that time period, Sans loves his Brother quite definitely but when their brother since been killed be cautious of just what techniques he is able to pull, Sans also wants to make the most terrible puns but it doesn’t stop him from making all of them. Sans the Skeleton is a person. It appears strange that Sans would not be a skeleton, but there is multiple pieces of evidence that support my claim and concept that Sans the skeleton is a person. The initial explanation is while completing a Genocide Run, Sans will not actually die onscreen, yet offscreen, and does not deteriorate like many beasts which perish.

Wiz: In the full time before time regarding the islan- i mean the city of Metru Nui, the Toa Mangai, protectors of their home, had been becaming history, one becoming rouge, together with others died, however the just protector continuing to be of his group, was Toa Lhikan.

Boomstick: This guy, ended up being the Toa Mangai of fire, meaning that he controlled temperature, lava, and Wiz: He gaved those stones to every single one Matoran from every section of the city, but when he camed to Ta Metru, Niddiki and Krekka kidnaped him, after which, hope appeared lost.

Boomstick: Buuuuuut it ends up those were not quick stones, they transform you into a Toa, and one of these Matoran, had been the Ko Matoran Nuju. Wiz: Before he was a Toa, he was an Scholar, learning the stars from star, he was always an individual who looked at tomorrow, and his sound seemed he disliked every thing. Boomstick: Oh. Nevermind, when he becamed a Toa, he got the Crystal Spikes who serve as a hand-to-hand combat, also served for climbing wall space, snowshoes, and Wiz: He went to search the Great Disk of Ko Metru, and discovered it, and because it had been a difficult task, it counts as a feat, and alongside their other Toa Metru, defeated Makuta Wiz: in the past, there was clearly a war between Humans and Monsters, it absolutely was an extended fight, but Mankind had obtained and sealed the monsters, in another dimension.

Boomstick: Anyway, a human son or daughter falled down a cliff and goed into Monster Land, however these beasts, as selfish, chose to, destroy every human that camed right here, and guarding the exit of this damages, had been the Brother Skeletons, Papyrus, and Sans. Wiz: Sans may be the older cousin of Papyrus, and he is incredibly lazy, supposing to find a person for his younger sibling, but he is slacking, even though, he is inteligent, making great puzzles, and pranks, and bad pun jokes.

Boomstick: Sans can use their telekinesis, manipulate gravity, manipulate bones, and then he has actually their famous Gaster Blasters, that shoot beams, can teleport, and he is quite quick, wow, so its imposible to catch this guy. Wiz: exactly what can top that? Boomstick: But the issue with this particular guy, is that he is extremely sluggish, as mentioned before, and then he is fragile, but there is however an issue, the kill countertop does not raise whenever you kill him, therefore our concept is that he was tooooooooo sluggish.

Sans: Its a breathtaking day outside, birds are performing, flowers tend to be blooming, children in days like these, ought to be burning in hell. Nuju seems in the Snowdin Forest operating from the Vahkis, then he stops operating and freezes all of them, and uses their mask to rip them apart.

Nuju operates to Sans to attack him with his Crystal surges, however the second evaded the assault, and summoned a bone and threw it to your Toa of Ice, striking him, later on Sans uses their telekinetic abilities to toss Nuju to and fro. Nuju: Fool, you’re in my factor, and besides, you are not the only person who has got telekinetic capabilities. The Gaster Blaster fires, but Nuju attempts to get back its blast where it camed from, but later another Gaster Blaster appears behind him,it goes fired and Nuju is hurted.

The Toa of Ice then utilizes the snowfall below him to capture Sans, but he does it gradually, after which it appears that it smashed Sans. Nuju operates, the we later see a blue bone tissue chasing the Toa, hitting him, then we later see bones coming above him, and later Sans seems. Wiz: Althrough Nuju ended up being stronger much more durable and much more inteligent, Sans was probably the most determined of this 2, and also, he had the absolute most powerful abilities.

Boomstick: additionally, lets not forget which he works better as a team, beacuse he with all the various other’s Toa assistance, he been able to put an end to Makuta Teridax.

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