Samsung galaxy grand prime icons.Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime


Samsung galaxy grand prime icons.How to sort and remove icons on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime


Replace the standard motif to dark theme?.How to sort and remove icons on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime []


Lots of icons from the display show different settings. Follow these easy instructions for you to get to know the display icons. The battery symbol shows the rest of the electric batteries. The larger the coloured section for the icon, the greater power. More info: Charge battery pack. Battery pack charging you symbol reveals the battery is billing. The signal energy icon reveals the potency of the network sign at your location. The more lines, the stronger the signal.

More information: Select system. The trip mode icon shows journey mode is turned on. Further information: change trip mode on or down. The 3G icon shows 3G is available. If 3G isn’t available, a different sort of network mode is instantly selected. Further information: Select network mode. The divert icon shows all incoming sound calls are diverted.

More info: Divert calls to your voicemail Divert calls to some other quantity. The missed calls symbol shows you get one or more missed calls. More info: Make a call Answer a call. The email icon shows you’ve gotten a fresh mail. Further information: Study mail. The silent mode icon shows that hushed mode is switched on and all sorts of phone noises are deterred. More information: change silent mode on or down.

The alarm symbol reveals the alarm is scheduled. Further information: Set alarm. The energetic information connection icon shows a data connection is active. More information: Use internet browser. The Bluetooth icon shows Bluetooth is active. More info: Turn Bluetooth on or off.

The Wi-Fi symbol shows your mobile is linked to a Wi-Fi network. Further information: hook up to a Wi-Fi network. How exactly to set of display icons lots of icons in the display show different configurations. When your mobile phone is linked to a Wi-Fi network, you can easily connect to the net without needing the info contacts on your mobile.

Wi-Fi is high speed with no cellular data is utilized when working with Wi-Fi. Forward Cancel. Indeed No. do you want Information for one of these products?


Samsung galaxy grand prime icons.Device photos: Samsung Galaxy GRAND Prime | T-Mobile help

A number of icons regarding the display reveal different settings. Follow these simple instructions for you to get to understand the display icons. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Change unit. Change device. Buy now Search in Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Look for your device here. Popular topics. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android smartphone. Revealed Sep Features ″ display, Snapdragon chipset, 8 MP primary camera, 5 MP front camera, mAh electric battery, 8 . Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Look for More Product Subjects Search. Next step Past action. Identifying Keys. Click each step of the process to see the action, click the photo or use the arrow keys 1. Present Apps Key: shows your most recently opened applications. 2. Home Key: Returns to your house screen. Pressing and holding opens up Google Now.

Dining Table Of Contents. Dining table of items. Please look at this handbook before operating your unit. Past Page. Next Page. Online Address: look at this information before making use of your mobile www. Page 5 Storage Webpage 6: Getting Started Getting Started Learn about your smart phone hardware, system procedures, and just how to get started with your brand new product.

Once you sign up to a mobile community, you will be given a plug-in SIM card. Note: a memory card are set up at any time; it is really not essential to set it up just before making use of the device. To learn more about installing a memory card, Install a Memory Card. A great shade designed to maximize battery life.

Utilizing various other indicates a full charge. Page understand Your unit understand Your unit Learn a number of the crucial Warning: please be aware that a touch screen responds far better a light touch through the pad options that come with your mobile of your finger or a non-metallic stylus. Utilizing unit, including the displays excessive power or a metallic item whenever pressing from the touchscreen display may harm the and icons, along with how to you can find all kinds of widgets, widgets, folders, and utilizing including links to a specific contact, Web wallpapers.

Page 17 Folders destination files on a Home display to prepare items. Create a Folder You can make a folder on a property display. Touch and hold an app icon and drag it in addition to another software until a highlighted field appears. Call is using speakerphone. Cellular Notification icons in the Quick Settings Status club display calendar as well as notifications, the Notification panel additionally provides immediate access to product functions such activities, product standing, and also as Wi-Fi, letting you rapidly turn them on or off.

Touch Samsung keyboard for choices. Options crucial specialized Keys Tap to put figures and signs. Touch to insert letters. Webpage 22 1. You may need to touch and contain the Options crucial remaining of this Space secret to get it. Webpage Calling Calling Make telephone calls making use of a variety of phoning functions and solutions. Webpage Options During A Call Options During a Call Call Waiting If your service plan supports this particular aspect, you can Your phone provides lots of functions that you answer an incoming call when you have a call in may use during a call.

You’re informed of an incoming call by a call waiting tone. Note: This mode can empty your electric batteries much more rapidly than typical calling mode. Page Applications Applications The Apps screen shows all applications set up on your device, both preloaded apps and applications you download and run your self. Learn how to change the means apps screen, organize apps into folders, and uninstall or disable apps.

Visit play. Visit samsung. Programs Apps Screen From a property screen, faucet Apps. Surrounding apps will rearrange to support this new application. Research not just the web, but additionally the apps and contents of one’s unit.

Note: Certain applications need a Google Account. Google today Chrome Bing today works within the history to collect information you regularly look up Use Google Chrome to look at and arrange it into convenient cards that You can supply them video calls. Page U. Cellular Applications U. Cellular solutions love these applications from U. Note: select applications require a data plan or uscellular. Visit to find out more, or contact your supplier for more information. Amazon Store at Amazon.

Page Other Applications Other Applications OneDrive OneDrive provides you with online storage for all your private files so you can get for them from your own Android unit, computer system, as well as other products you utilize. OneNote Stay organized using text, images, or sound records. Page Calculator Calculator The Calculator provides basic Scientific Calculator and advanced arithmetic A scientific calculator with advanced arithmetic functions is also for sale in the Calculator application.

Basic Operation Note: If display rotation is not allowed, slip the 1. Page Calendar Calendar Manage your events and tasks. Activities Create a Task Events 1. Create an Event 2. Tap the day towards the top of the display screen, then tap Tasks. From a property screen, tap Calendar. Touch and hold a job to choose it.

Available options vary for storage. Webpage Clock Clock The Clock app provides features for 3. You Samsung account. You can screen to gain access to their particular information directly from a share a vCard via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, connect it Home display. From property screen, faucet You can use groups to prepare your connections. Your Connections. You might produce a bunch for the 2.

Page Contact Settings Contact Settings These settings permit you to modify configurations connected with using the Contacts software. From a Home screen, tap connections. Tap an option and stick to the instructions. Applications Contacts Page e-mail Email Use the Email application to see and handle Your e-mail Accounts handle all your email records You can view e-mail you will get for all records on the connected view display screen you can also view mail in a single application.

Webpage Galaxy Apps Galaxy product. Note: A Samsung account is required to purchase and install applications. Applications Galaxy Apps Launching Gallery shows available files. From a house screen, faucet 2. Tap an album or folder to start it. Touch an hold an image to pick it.

Choose additional pictures to talk about. Idea: whenever viewing just one image, touch Share to share it along with other individuals or devices. Use tabs to view multiple web pages at precisely the same time. Webpage online Settings Secret Tabs Pages viewed with secret tabs try not to display in your browser history or search record, and then leave no traces such as for example cookies on your unit. Note: Any downloaded files will stay on your unit when you nearby the trick tab.

Webpage emails emails discover ways to receive and send Create and Send communications different communications utilising the This area describes how to create a submit a message using the Messaging software.

Page Messages Settings View New Messages Messages Settings whenever you receive a new message, an innovative new message Configure the configurations for texts, media icon shows from the Status bar. Tap a category to see the relevant data or folders. To gain access to video: 1. Page Voice Recorder Record vocals memos and records. Manage Recordings To display a listing of tracks: 1.

Touch Recordings. Wi-Fi 1. Page Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range Scan for Bluetooth Devices communications technology that after you want to set with another Bluetooth device, you can easily scan for nearby products being enables you to connect wirelessly noticeable. Page 62 4. Touch SCAN. Your device begins to scan for Bluetooth products within range.

When you see the name of this target unit exhibited when you look at the Bluetooth products part, tap the title. Your product then automatically tries to pair with all the target product. If automatic pairing fails, enter the passcode supplied with the goal device. Page Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane mode disconnects your device from all networks and turns off connection features, such as for example phone calls and Wi-Fi.

While in plane mode, you need to use other features, such as playing music, seeing video clips, as well as other web applications. Change Airplane Mode On or Off 1.