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If you notice this, please help you by contributing to these pages! The Great War is a catastrophic event that, although never shown, has been a gloomy subject within the entire Salad fingertips show. Just like many activities and thoughts of Salad Fingers, it is unidentified whether or not the war is a figment of Salad Fingers’ imagination or a genuine occasion.

No event has actually ever before offered back ground to the occasion, but some followers speculate that the fantastic War is really in charge of the almost lifeless post-apocalyptic world Salad fingertips must reside in. In the twentieth century, really the only war refered to by this title had been World War I, called the truly amazing War by some before World War II, which ties back into Salad fingertips’ behavior, manner of talking, and such as for example analyzed in Film Theory’s two-part Salad fingertips series which looked over various things revealed through the entire series like areas, Horace Horsecollar, within the Rainbow and we also’ll Meet Again both of which introduced in , perhaps ruling out of the theory that the war being referred to is World War I.

If this name’s real, as well as in this world, the fantastic War did end all conflicts, and perhaps even society.

Some genuinely believe that Salad Fingers is within the many years after ‘The Great War’, across the midth century, and some believe Salad Fingers takes place in a far-along future, in a post apocolyptic future. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have an account? Begin a Wiki. Background No episode features previously provided back ground for this event, however, many fans speculate that the truly amazing War is in fact responsible for the almost lifeless post-apocalyptic globe Salad Fingers must are now living in.

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It is assumed that this is the genuine younger cousin of Salad Fingers. It really is hinted that their cousin was in the Great War, he might have died and had been hidden truth be told there; as a result of their insanity, Salad Fingers blocked on their sibling’s demise and true whereabouts and switched them . Might 19,  · Salad fingers is a string that tells a tale of a household throughout the great war. The year is while the tale takes place in an alternate universe where nuclear studies have already been widely created. This personality the following might seem like the protagonist, but let me make it clear there was a lot more than meets the ted browsing Time: 6 minutes. In one single instance, Salad fingertips unearths a corpse and claims it become their more youthful bro from the “Great War.” Holding a conversation, Salad Fingers materials for his bro: “I’d extremely just like another vanilla crown, said cousin through the Great War.” The show is .

As of January , there have been eleven attacks posted on YouTube and Newgrounds. The cartoon revolves round the eponymous “Salad Fingers,” a thin, green, mentally troubled guy who inhabits a mostly desolate world. Salad Fingers provides most of the discussion as he interacts together with his environment, sometimes conversing with inanimate objects or with himself.

Salad fingertips had been conceived as an in-joke. One-day, while Firth had been playing a guitar, his friend and frequent collaborator Christian Webb commented he had “salad fingers”, discussing the way Firth played the C-chord. The eerie music showcased within the back ground is the track “Beware the Friendly Stranger” from the Boards of Canada record Geogaddi. The dark music that appears when Salad Fingers is afraid is actually Firth playing a guitar, but slowed down and reversed.

The primary character is a bald hunchbacked humanoid figure with light green epidermis and no noticeable nose or ears, who speaks with an altered Northern English accent. His lengthy, strangely-shaped fingers are his perhaps most obviously function and source of their title.

Their hands were the main focus associated with the very first episode of the show, where Salad Fingers is shown getting satisfaction from massaging different things, specifically rusty metallic things such as for example spoons, a doorbell panel, and a kettle which he notoriously promises is nearly orgasmic.

Salad Fingers’ demeanor is naive and virtually childlike, unable or unwilling to tell apart between living beings and inanimate items , and is regularly found conversing with numerous inert articles notably their hand puppets and in two instances a human corpse.

Also, he frequently assigns such objects proper names and generally seems to believe that they are able to talk to him straight , occasionally voicing their sensed thoughts himself. He life alone in a small shack containing an oven, room, a crawl space he calls the “security cupboard”, radio, phone, chair and table. Salad fingertips is apparently masochistic, while he can be seen taking pleasure from impaling their hand on a nail, rubbing stinging nettles on himself or receiving enjoyment after accidentally stepping into a bear pitfall.

His talents include playing the flute although he holds it wrongly, implying that he can not actually play and talking French. He additionally appears able to use Morse rule , as shown in event nine, where he must inform other people of a strange disease he has which he describes as scarlet fever. He is very articulate, nevertheless, he usually spouts peculiar English sayings and expressions in situations where they do not fit as well as seem appropriate.

Salad Fingers features different practices, including a regular measurement of the distance between his house and a tree, tasting associated with dirt “floor-sugar” , and hearing his radio. Often he additionally displays raspy asthmatic breathing as he becomes mesmerized by some thing or experiences extreme pleasure. The name “Salad fingertips” was devised by Firth’s co-writer, Christian “Crust” Webb, who described Firth as having salad fingers playing the guitar.

These figures are finger puppets which, after their introduction in episode 2, only have been missing in episode four for the series. They often appear in Salad Fingers’ fantasies as life-sized beings. In episode eight, Salad fingertips relates to Cumberdale as a “dirty immigrant” after dropping him in a chamber pot. In event eleven, Salad fingertips tends to make Hubert Cumberdale “grow up” by stitching pieces of real human skin to him, after which he is able to go and talk by himself.

Jeremy Fisher. Appearing in event three , Cubicle is an aggressive, armless person mutant which wears an apron pinpointing him as being utilized at a “BBQ”. He bleeds to death after continuously banging their head on Salad Fingers’ door. Salad Fingers then locates him, drags him inside his home and hangs him on a meat hook, thinking him become alive and aware.

He is seen to truly have the skin torn from their body or maybe rotted away as a result of length of time their corpse has been dangling in Episode 10 and lastly ends that event as a skeleton, his skin converted into a cap that has been provided as a gift to Salad Fingers. Showing up in episode four , Bordois is a woodlouse which Salad Fingers unintentionally eliminates by wanting to dog her. Although he relates to her as “little sister”, Salad fingertips makes sexual remarks to Bordois, saying “Your body is indeed much fun.

And also you’re all gooey. I shan’t fool around with you once more unless you’ve had a wash. Appearing in episode one and episode nine , its a yellow bug-eyed person with an eco-friendly clothing which is the owner of numerous rusty things which Salad Fingers strokes and a tiny residence. While Salad fingertips calls it Aunty Bainbridge when you look at the ninth event, he also calls it a “young kid” in the first, suggesting he does not, in reality, understand it after all.

This really is more evidenced when it backs away from Salad fingertips as he attempts to hug it when you look at the ninth episode. The only noise it creates is a-sharp scream, it is therefore tough to tell whether it is someone and what its gender is. Showing up in episode five, Mable is a scuffed, grubby, scarred youthful woman which visits a picnic with Salad Fingers.

She’s the initial personality except that Salad Fingers who are able to communicate in English, and she is the very first person apart from Salad Fingers to actually speak— a thing that seems to surprise and dismay Salad fingertips. Whenever she views Salad Fingers looking at her in shock, she asks “What’s incorrect? Can you nothing like my mouth-words? A big-eyed, grotesque, little mutant animal who falls in deep love with Salad Fingers in event four.

This has a big stitch across its forehead, and thus, many make reference to it as “Stitch-head”. This character had been originally created by Jimi Hollis, just who relates to it whilst the “bug-eyed kid”.

Kenneth is a bisected rotting man corpse which Salad Fingers details as his younger brother. Salad Fingers finds him in a ditch. Appearing in episode eight, Roger is a broken radio that talks in a robotic, intense fashion and scares Salad fingertips into the cupboard twice. Roger, according to Salad fingertips, must certanly be given ‘sustenance’ in the form of small brown pellets which appear to be pebbles, beans, BBs, or marbles.

This distress caused by his radio has actually him eating their tresses collection. A toy horse with which Salad fingertips indulges his senses. Most likely the motivation regarding the horse that gets savaged in Episode A character Salad fingertips’ imagination developed while concealing from Roger within the protection cupboard.

This woman is nothing but Salad Fingers’ hand “walking” across the ledge. Salad Fingers imagines that this woman is rejected raspberry jam by market investor, whom bases his activities regarding the reasons that her feet are “too long” and “made of cotton fiber”, which upsets him considerably.

A tree 21 yards from the household. Salad Fingers measures this length, and then remarks to the tree that it’s “barely shuffled an inch all week” — implying it moves or, at the least, he perceives it to and that he regularly keeps track of this measurement. In episode nine , Salad fingertips bites one of its limbs, causing it to cry in discomfort with Salad Fingers imagining it with a face. It begs Salad fingertips to be let inside when you look at the vocals of a child, but is informed that it has to “grow away from [its] branches” first.

Branches then proceeds to securely put its part around Salad Fingers’ stomach — although, it’s suggested that this whole scene was a dream, and never reality. A black slimy object that Salad Fingers “gives delivery to” out of the front side of their tummy in episode nine. The thing could be a tumour which includes caused Salad Fingers’ illness while he feels better after ‘giving birth’ to her.

She’s suggested that this woman is his long-awaited child, saying that he “yearned for [the] day” she would show up. He cradles her and reads her a poem, during which he names it “Baby Yvonne” and informs it so it has its mom’s eyes, whenever in reality it has no real human features after all.

Unsatisfied with it, Salad Fingers chooses to give it to Aunty Bainbridge, but eventually ends up forgetting that it’s their girl. Then continues to wash Aunty Bainbridge’s window with it, believing it to be a sponge.

After “washing” the screen when in fact he actually leaves it dirtier than before by addressing it with black colored residue , Salad fingertips takes a “lunch break” and is seen consuming a big submarine sandwich with a coffee cup nearby. A puppet Salad fingertips discovers in some trash in Episode 10, over which he features significantly less control than any various other puppet. He’s seen if only in Salad fingertips’ mind to sprout knives and slaughter a horse. A haggard old girl whom lives in Salad fingertips’ mirror.

She actually is proved to be abusive towards Salad fingertips, usually verbally assaulting him, as well as forcing him for eating some kind of concoction that makes him sick.

It really is confusing as to whether she is present in fact or is merely another of Salad Fingers’ hallucinations. A reflection of Salad Fingers that life with Glass Mother. He’s drill-teeth as shown when Salad Fingers gets in the reflection world within the nights Episode Because he’s a reflection of Salad Fingers, he seems both in of Salad’s mirrors and a puddle away from Salad’s home. Episodes range from 2—14 mins in length. The narratives themselves can be oneiric , have pretty much all talked dialogue transcribed with on-screen squiggly text, and disjointed story structures.

This episode introduces Salad fingertips along with his love of holding rusty spoons as well as other numerous rusty things. He describes just how coming in contact with any form of rust—including spoons, a doorbell panel, and a kettle—stimulates him ” the impression of corrosion against my salad hands is almost orgasmic ” , and therefore he holds a particular love of spoons. Salad Fingers walks to the household of a strange young child to see if he has any rusty spoons; the kid screeches 2 times, of which point Salad Fingers actually leaves, after asking to caress a rusty kettle that is on a table beside him.

He appears to believe that their “friends” are genuine, residing beings. Wondering exactly what their buddies taste like, he briefly inserts them into his lips, exclaiming that Marjory Stewart-Baxter tastes like “sunshine dust”, while Hubert Cumberdale tastes like “soot and poo”. Qu’est-ce qu’il y a? What’s up or Whatis the matter?

Within the next scene, a frightened kid responds to Salad fingertips’s call for assistance. Salad fingertips cannot attain the seafood cooking in his range and requires the kid to get it for him. Since the child hits into the range, Salad Fingers sees a rusty nail jutting out from the wall and achieves to caress it, inducing the range door to shut using the kid still around.

Salad Fingers then impales his little finger from the spike and starts hemorrhaging, blissfully saying “I enjoy it if the red water is released.

Apparently dreaming, Salad fingertips walks through a sizable beef locker singing ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow ” to himself. While around, he meets a full-size Hubert Cumberdale, who screams a distorted electric noise at him. Whenever Salad Fingers awakens he sits in a pool of their own bloodstream. The range smokes as Salad fingertips states, “That fish smells about done,” apparently forgetting the fact it was the smoke through the kid caught within the oven he’d forgotten about when ‘dozing off’.

Salad fingertips is having fun with nettles and has agitated blisters all over their hands. Then results in a clear perambulator, which he means as a “nettle service” after which leaves along with it. A deformed armless man using an apron labelled “BBQ” appears and chases after Salad fingertips, screaming and babbling unintelligibly.

Salad Fingers is sitting on to the floor at their residence and cleaning the nettle over his nipple, which makes him lactate, and claims “this indicates Salad Fingers daydreams of “happy times” by which he and a life-sized type of the Hubert Cumberdale puppet are receiving hair-dried.

Eventually, Salad Fingers comes outside and finds the man lifeless on the ground, his mind bloodied. He names the man “Milford Cubicle”, despite the man’s title tag reading “Harry”. Thinking that the guy is live, Salad Fingers drags “Milford” around and hangs him on a meat hook from the wall.