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Doctor zakir naik in urdu.Quran And Science Discoveries In Urdu by Dr Zakir Naik PDF


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Muhammad Iqbal Tuesday, might 16, just do not enter any link within the opinion field. Search Books. Zakir Naik and converted into Urdu language by Dr. Tasaduq Hussain Raja. Read just who create our Univers, Galaxies, Planets, Stars and all world this is certainly analysis guide about finding the Jesus and Scientific wonders within the Quran.

Among the easiest methods to demonstrate that authenticity and heavenly beginning of this Quran Koran would be to examine logical ideas when you look at the Quran resistant to the logical discovering settled upon by many scientists these days. You will definitely locate that whatever had been said into the Quran is valid. The Quran has actually rational information that mayn’t by any means, shape or kind were understood at the season of Prophet Mohammad S A W. A large number of such reasonable information have actually just been discovered as of belated by researchers utilizing present day improvements which were not obtainable many years right back.

In correlation, the Bible is full of false logical data. You might read Dr. install connect 1. study Online. Install Link 2. Download Link 3. Chessy Comments and Comments with ‘Links’ will likely be erased immediately upon our review. Contribute to: Post Comments Atom.


Physician zakir naik in urdu.Quran And Science Discoveries In Urdu by Dr Zakir Naik PDF

Apr 16,  · Dr Zakir Naik Urdu Speech And Hard Question Answers 16 April Dr Zakir Naik Urdu. November 5 at PM ·. 15 Point Action policy for the Muslim Ummah whenever somebody Insults Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Indulges in Islamic Blasphemy – Part 3 Distribution of Material, Conveying to VIPs & Publicity. Live Q&A by Dr Zakir Naik. Dr Zakir Naik Urdu Bayan Javed Ahmad Ghamidi S Formal Internet Site Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. Sangeet Natak Akademi Award Wikipedia. FAQs By Non Musim Qurango Com. THE MESSAGE COMPLETE MOVIE IN ENGLISH Video Dailymotion. Qari Binyameen Abid Topic Marna Muqaddar Principal Likha Hai. Haroon Ur Rasheed Urdu Columns. Product List Al Huda.

Naik is celebrated as a non-Arabic scholar, public orator , and an authority on relative faith. Before becoming a public presenter, he was a medical doctor. Although he’s got openly disclaimed sectarianism in Islam, [15] he’s thought to be an influential follower of the Salafi action. Their lectures on Peace television have already been seen significantly more than million times at the time of furthermore, Naik’s colloquial design of lecturing was immensely well-known among Muslims across the whole planet and has been award-winning.

However, Indian sources view him as an extremist marketing Wahhabism. In he started doing work in the world of Dawah and founded the Islamic Overseas class in Mumbai and also the United Islamic help, which supplies scholarships to bad and destitute Muslim childhood. Naik stated for the reason that he had been inspired by Ahmed Deedat , an Islamic preacher whom he met in within the second half of March , Naik established Al Hidaayah , which gives educational content about Islam.

The platform has actually thousands of hours of videos greater than 40 celebrated Islamic speakers from around society including Ahmed Deedat , Yusuf Estes , Hussein Ye , and Bilal Philips.

Unlike many Islamic preachers, their lectures tend to be colloquial, [36] offered in English, perhaps not Urdu or Arabic , [39] and then he usually wears a suit and tie.

Anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen has written that Naik’s style of memorising the Quran and Hadith literary works in various languages, along with his associated missionary activity, has made him extremely popular in Muslim sectors. Their talks being taped in English and broadcast on weekends on several cable sites in Mumbai’s Muslim neighbourhoods, as well as on the Peace television channel, that he co-produces. Lectures on Islam have now been presented by Naik and twenty other Islamic speakers.

In Naik, at the invite associated with Islamic Suggestions and Services Network of Australasia , made an appearance during the University of Melbourne , where he argued that just Islam gave women real equivalence. In August , Naik’s visit and conference in Cardiff caused controversy when Welsh conventional MP David Davies called for their look becoming cancelled.

He stated Naik was a “hate-monger”, and that his views failed to need a public platform. Muslims from Cardiff, nevertheless, defended Naik’s right to speak into the town.

Saleem Kidwai , Secretary-General regarding the Muslim Council of Wales, stated that “people which learn about him [Naik] realize he could be very uncontroversial individuals you might find. He discusses the similarities between religions, and how should we run the typical floor between them”, whilst also welcoming Davies to discuss additional with Naik myself within the summit. The summit moved ahead after the Cardiff council reported it was happy he would not be preaching extremist views.

Naik ended up being rejected entry in to the great britain and Canada in June Naik tend to be evidence for me of his unsatisfactory behaviour”. He also claimed that his feedback were taken out of context.

In , Naik visited Gambia during the invite of President Yahya Jammeh to attend the grand celebration of Gambian change ‘s 20th anniversary. Gambian pantry ministers, religious leaders, pupils and thousands of people went to his lectures on subjects including “Terrorism and Jihad: an Islamic perspective”, “religion when you look at the right perspective”, “Dawah or destruction? Naik delivered four lectures in Malaysia during Naik delivered another six lectures in April with all the initial support for the Government expert, the big event moved ahead as prepared.

Naik states that his goal is to “concentrate regarding the informed Muslim childhood who have become apologetic about their religion and now have started initially to feel the faith is outdated”. Relating to Naik, Islam is a religion of reason and logic, additionally the Quran includes verses associated with technology, that he says describes the number of Western converts. Zakir Naik criticized the partition of Asia and development of Pakistan , calling it a tragedy. Naik equates music with liquor and claims that both tend to be intoxicating in the wild.

He has condemned moving and singing because he promises they have been restricted in Islam. Naik said that guilty men and women must be punished and accepts cutting down arms for stealing.

He has got also recommended that the usa implements this reasoning so that you can decrease its large crime rate. Naik believes that men and women are equal. Naik says it is permissible to strike one’s wife “gently” eg. Naik encourages similar become used towards males in extreme circumstances. Nonetheless, he additionally argues that ladies must not generally hit a person’s spouse as a result of retaliation.

Naik referred to the LGBT community as “patients enduring sinful mental problems ” and stated that “It really is because they view pornographic movies.

The television networks should be blamed”. Dismissing biological evolution , [33] Naik stated that the idea of development is “only a theory, and an unproven conjecture at best”. For instance, he has claimed in that particular verses regarding the Quran accurately describe embryological development.

Naik argued, “just what Darwin stated was only a ‘theory’. Hypothesis goes up against the Qur’an — theories opposed to the Qur’an. There isn’t a single clinical fact, that is mentioned into the Holy Qur’an which goes against established technology — it might go against concept. Naik has called the news “the most important tool rather the essential dangerous weapon worldwide, which converts black colored into white and a villain into a hero”.

He suggested that “we have to utilize the same media to eliminate the misconceptions, misquotations, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations about Islam.

Global media, be it print, audio, video, or on line, use an amount of methods of malign Islam by first picking up the black colored sheep of the Muslim neighborhood, and portraying them as if they are exemplary Muslims. Naik additionally stated, “If a Muslim lady wears hijab or veil it really is defined as women subjugation, but if a nun does to your same it can become an indication of value and modesty. A year-old Muslim marrying a year-old girl willingly is a headline, but a year-old non-Muslim raping a six-year-old woman seems as brief development or filler.

They say Islam does not offer liberties to females , and it is an irrational religion. They portray Islam because the dilemma of humanity though this is the means to fix all man’s dilemmas.

Exactly the same pertains to the misinterpreted terms ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘extremist’ which are essentially western words. While Indians had been fighting because of their freedom , the Brit government ended up being labelling all of them as terrorists; same activity, exact same folks, but two different labels. Similar occurred with Muslims who will be branded as terrorists in news, therefore we should look into backgrounds and reasons behind an activity before labelling people.

He criticizes the portrayal of Muslims in films saying, “Hundreds of flicks were manufactured in Hollywood to malign the picture of Islam that a non-Muslim gets frightened when he heard a Muslim saying ‘ Allah Akbar ‘, thinking that he is likely to kill him. If any person would like to know-how great Islam is, he or she has got to study its genuine resources; the marvelous Quran and Hadith rather than seeking to its supporters Muslims as is the situation with a motorist whose careless driving is blamed for any sort of accident as opposed to the latest Mercedes automobile he was driving.

The greatest exceptional Muslim is the very last and last messenger prophet Muhammad , serenity be upon him. Naik thinks that Muslims who convert from Islam must not fundamentally receive death phrases, but that under Islamic legislation those that leave Islam [33] and then “propagate the non-Islamic belief and speak against Islam” should always be put to demise. Similarly, Naik argues, “regarding the building of churches or temples, just how can we Muslims allow this when their particular religion is incorrect so when their worshiping is incorrect?

Naik criticises the actions of Christian missionaries into the Muslim world saying, “the missionaries compose verses associated with the bible in Arabic calligraphy, such as for instance ‘God is love’ to capture fish because of the Muslims. We in Peace television, for example, don’t use such deceit. In a lecture given in University for the Gambia , [59] [60] [82] Zakir strongly condemned the atrocities around the world in the name of Jihad , where innocent people destroyed their lives, saying “Jihad is misinterpreted by both Muslims and non-Muslims, Jihad suggests to try and find it difficult to make society better, the best as a type of Jihad is always to strive and struggle against non-Muslims, using the teachings associated with Quran; the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him and the Almighty Allah, Islam suggests comfort.

He said in an unequivocal term that, even in Islamic Jihad, there are set straight down regulations as to when and exactly how to destroy someone, that he noted, totally contradicts what’s currently occurring across the world, by some groups just who claim to fight for Jihad. In another lecture given in Al-Khawaneej , Dubai , Naik claimed that the essential mistranslated and misunderstood word about Islam by non-Muslims and even some Muslims is “Jihad”, which, he stated, has actually nothing in connection with the phrase ” holy war ” that is not really used in the Quran or sunnah and was initially used by the crusaders which killed hundreds of thousands when you look at the title of Christianity.

He added the word “Jihad” actually way to aim or struggle against one’s own evil inclinations, to help make the community better, in self-defense on a battleground, and against oppression. In a lecture delivered on 31 July on Peace television, Naik commented in the attacks of 11 September : “it is a blatant, available key that this attack on the Twin Towers had been carried out by George Bush himself”.

Oftentimes, however, Naik is portrayed within the news improperly. Within the mid-late s, Zakir Naik had been expected whether Osama container Laden had been a terrorist , he stated he did not have an opinion since hadn’t fulfilled him, [93] nor interrogated him, and it is neither a buddy nor an enemy.

As a result, Naik had been falsely criticized for refusing to condemn Osama container Laden. Later in , Naik said which he was in fact quoted out of framework in connection with remarks on terrorism. What’s the concept of the term terrorist?

Terrorist by definition means somebody who terrorises. Therefore in this context every Muslim must certanly be a terrorist to each and each anti-social element. I’m aware that terrorist is much more widely used for someone who terrorises innocent people.

So in this context no Muslim should previously terrorise a single innocent human being. Naik claimed that Hitler , “who had been maybe not a Muslim, may be the biggest terrorist on earth as he incinerated four to six million Jews. When asked about their views on killings, Naik stated “the Quran says so — if any person eliminates an innocent person, Muslim or non-Muslim, it really is as though he’s got killed the whole mankind , so just how can any Muslim kill innocent people?

In a hit conference via Skype , whenever Naik had been asked for his opinion on suicide bombings he replied affirmatively, saying it had been permitted in Islam and said “it is haram if innocent folks are becoming killed.

But, if committing suicide bombing is employed as a tactic of war, then it could be permitted. Because they’re anti-Islamic. I request all the Muslims worldwide, as well as the Muslim news: do not help the enemies of Islam in assaulting Islam.

I’m totally against killing any innocent human being. He said, “we have to say anti-Islamic condition kills all of them as Quran affirms that whoever kills an innocent individual is as if he eliminates all mankind, and he just who saves a single individual – disregard his faith, is a lot like saving all humanity.

Zakir criticized the news for “linking Islam” with all the Orlando club shooting. He accused the media of a “double-standard strategy” saying, “the same [double-standard strategy] is going on with a man associated by absolutely nothing to Islam but by his name which killed over 50 gays in Orlando.

On 11 May , in a job interview in Week mag, Naik harshly criticized Narendra Modi and the BJP for just what he called untrue costs and propaganda against him for governmental purposes, and said that he is focused for their popularity.

He claimed he wouldn’t normally return to Asia while Modi remained in power, in line with the exemplory instance of Muhammad in Hijrah. Naik reported on 11 January that the Modi federal government approached him in September through an envoy and agreed to offer him ” safe passageway ” to India if he talked to get the federal government’s relocate to abrogate Article in Jammu and Kashmir. Naik was at the center of numerous controversies, most notably for being an inspiration for terrorists.

Naik reported that “Every Muslim must be a terrorist. Parallels if he is terrorizing the terrorist, then he is following Islam.

In an independent message, he states that “the western countries say war for peace, war for serenity. It’s not war for serenity, it really is war on peace”. Because of the commentary, Naik has been frequently misquoted and has now already been a target. Author Praveen Swami contends that several of Naik’s teachings act like those of organizations advocating assault, although Naik himself emphatically denies terrorism.

In , reports claimed that Darul Uloom Deoband considered him a self-styled preacher unattached to any regarding the four orthodox Sunni Islamic schools of jurisprudence fiqh and for that reason has actually given many fatwas against Zakir Naik, rejecting him to be among the ghair muqallidin a term utilized in Islam to describe a person who doesn’t relate genuinely to the four madhabs viz.