Nfs underground 2 hidden races.Need for Speed: Underground 2 – Guide and Walkthrough


Nfs underground 2 hidden races.Need for Speed: Underground 2 – Guides and FAQs


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At the start of the overall game, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, even though Miata MX-5 has become the best choice for novices, because of its handling abilities. The first five events will introduce you to the various competition formats within the online game, such as Sprint X, Circuit, and Drag.

Once they are done, you’ll get into an agreement with a sponsor. For guide, the first occasion you will get sponsored, you need to select from four offers, the second time between three provides, the third time passed between two, and also for the final time you will only have one offer. Every time you indication with a Sponsor, you agree to win a certain amount of races. You always have to win three races of sponsor’s option, a collection amount of U. L races, and several races of your very own choice.

The first occasion is three U. L and 9 of your choice, the second is five U. L and 19 of your choice, the third time is seven U. L and 29 that you choose, together with final sponsor is 9 U.

L and 34 that you choose. There are four different icons on your own map. A yellow triangle presents an opponent for Outrun events. Solid coloured dots tend to be stores as you are able to check out. Colored doughnuts are ordinary races, and X icons tend to be sponsored races that you need to race. Sponsored events are difficult because they change with respect to the sponsor, along with just what stage you’re in the game, however you have a cash extra for finishing a sponsored competition.

Since the U. L events are the most crucial people to win into the game, we’ll be giving you a complete break down of those events in this part. This is basically the first U. L competition you are going to contend in, and because your car is certainly not exactly working like a bat away from hell, things must certanly be a bit easier for you. Truly the only turns to be concerned about listed here are throughout the last half associated with the race, for which you’ll need drift through them. If you’re having problems with that, decide to try reducing your rate before entering the change, and go through it carefully.

Just like the first Address race, that one is not too hard both. There’s two sharp turns which are a little bit tricky, perhaps not since they’re sharp, however you will need certainly to go through a turn in the contrary direction soon after leaving 1st turn. At this stage regarding the online game you mustn’t have way too many problems though, since your car or truck would be therefore sluggish that you will not have to exert extra work getting through these components.

It is a pretty bearable battle, without too many irritating points. The sole sharp turn the following is turn 7, and it is literally just like the change from BST 2. The real issue is the second turn. While it’s a slight turn, it’s also on a decline, meaning that if you are maybe not aligned parallel into the road whenever you lose, you risk totally ruining your entire competition because of your car or truck’s unpredictable behaviour once you land.

Ensure that you enter this change totally straight to prevent any problems. The 4th track in Bayview features the same problem areas as BST 3. Make sure not to ever enter the hop on an angle and you will be good. Change 3 in this program is relatively easy to deal with, despite it becoming a 90 level turn. The final program at Bayview is a total creature to conquer.

Most of your trouble is appropriate at the start of the program, featuring two extremely fast turns in succession. You can most likely cope with this set of turns by drifting in to the very first change then slowly navigating the right path through one other one, but that will kill time if you are striving for top level lap. Another process to do would be to powerslide through the first turn, then instantly powerslide to the next one.

Just be sure that no competitors are around you to definitely screw up your efforts. Unlike the Bayview circuits, the Airport tracks tend to be a bit various as you’ll not only need deal with some vicious turns, nevertheless the narrowing of tracks also. The initial track at the airport isn’t bad, nonetheless it gives you a taste of what exactly is in the future.

Airport Circuit Track 2 length: 2. Most of the high speed track actually too difficult to conquer, however the very beginning and end associated with program will provide you with nightmares if you aren’t careful.

At the beginning of the race, hang back and allow the others show you through initial handful of turns to obtain an experience for all of them.

The middle of the track is not hard sufficient because it opens up for many of it, but the trio of turns close to the end associated with the track is all challenging if you do not decrease enough. Once you enter that straightaway resulting in initial turn, slow down and start to become prepared to simply take it slowly, and you should be ok for the following two turns. The final collection of turns is truly excellent for dropping rivals that are wanting to bump you.

Try to ram them into a large part to get rid of all of them for good. The turn that occurs immediately after the lengthy and large straightaway is an issue, and will be until you start reducing quite a bit before the turn. Begin to see the numbers from the side of the track prior to the turn? Slow down when you hit ‘5’ and you ought to be fine. Apart from that, the 2 sets of turns at the start of the battle may be problematic after the very first lap is finished, since you’ll be going at full-speed, and a lot of most likely you’ll be in a pack of vehicles.

Take them slow, and don’t make an effort to slide through all of them. Instead, slow straight down and carefully navigate your path through them. This program isn’t too bad when compared with various other U.

L programs. The only real spot you will have some difficulty is going to be right at the beginning of the program, in which you need to make a large, sweeping submit slim confines. Midway through the race there are a couple of opposing turns that can be taken by slowing and drifting from side to side. Use the abnormally long straightaway by using your Nitrous.

Airport Circuit Track 5 Distance: 4. The narrow units of opposing turns at the beginning of the program tend to be a total nightmare to deal with, particularly after the very first lap. Slow down throughout the very first lap and allow yourself to complete them without any opposition. An individual will be through initial lap, decrease to third or 4th gear to get through them. The final handful of turns are a proper doozy, considering that the track narrows up whenever you enter the firstly two turns.

Down move through the change and then crank it up again a gear before down shifting again for the last turn. This course is a real nightmare to get through with a complete industry of competitors, but our most readily useful guidance is to obtain forward through the lengthy straightaway by using your Nitrous, so you won’t need to fight for position through the turns.

The final training course into the U. The actual only real change you will need to be worried about here is an exceptionally razor-sharp change, that will be possible by the undeniable fact that the preceding roadway is very large, enabling you for a fairly broad change that will enable one to preserve most of your rate while going through it. Set alongside the fifth airport U. L race, that one shouldn’t be a challenge for you. Requirement for Speed Underground 2 Wiki Guide. Final Edited: 8 Sep pm. Sprint, Circuit Tips Stay on your side of the road! Although it may be advantageous to go on one other side of the road to reduce time, you shouldn’t do so unless it’s necessary.

Generally, you’ll not have ample time for you to adjust to any inbound traffic, specially as soon as your automobile is fixed up. Often, powersliding isn’t necessary for numerous turns. It is possible to typically slow down and take a change gently, which may be better for some really razor-sharp turns in the online game Outrun recommendations because you’ll always start behind your adversary in Outrun, it is ideal to stick near him before you make your pass.

Be patient and do not hurry things. Make use of your environment to make him into a crash. If you are approaching against a divider, you will need to force him into it. If you’re able to do that, you’ll often win the battle within seconds. Making U-turns as you have actually a slight advantage also works magically from the CPU. When you can make a truly sharp level turn and head into your opponent, he defintely won’t be in a position to adjust quickly sufficient, and you should win effortlessly. Drift recommendations advertisement.

Had been this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: Challenges gamers to submerge themselves within the tuner tradition, exploring an expansive, free-roaming city split into five distinct neighborhoods.

Franchises: Significance Of Speed. Genres: Racing. Suggestive Themes, Mild Lyrics. Designers: EA Canada. Editors: Ingram Entertainment, Electronic Arts. Production Date: November 9, Presented by Rainbow Six Extraction. Table of Contents.


Nfs underground 2 hidden races.Need for Speed: Underground 2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

NFS Underground 2 – Show Hidden Races Mod by MaxHwoy v Greetings! This mod unhides all hidden events that you might experience in NFS UG2 profession. In order to set it up, merely supercede your file into the online game’s directory (Game Dir\GLOBAL\) with all the one the mod provides. You certainly do not need a brand new savegame until you would you like to develop one. Nov 09,  · Need for Speed: Underground 2 – Guides and FAQs PC. DS Game Boy Advance GameCube Mobile PlayStation 2 Xbox. Requirement for Speed Undercover has players racing through speedways, dodging cops and chasing rivals while they go deep under Need for Speed: Underground%(31). Nov 09,  · For dependence on Speed: Underground 2 regarding the Computer, Stage 3 Secret Races Map by MrStalker_

Sign In Sign Up. Hold me signed in about this product Forgot your username or password? Do not have an account? Subscribe for free! Exactly what do you really need help on? Cancel X. Would you suggest this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Cover. Message Sent. Guide and Walkthrough by chilas variation: 1.

If you learn any, kindly let me know. This is certainly my first Walkthrough. If you wish to ask me personally some thing, or you wish to include something into the Walkthrough, compose myself an E-mail. We’ll try to answer as soon as i could. Now, let’s begin. Please browse the FAQ section before writting myself an e-mail, and kindly, write to one of this 2 e-mails i have put.

Additionally, write precisely, it’ll be better both for of us, i will be able to read it quicker, and you should get a quicker response. I’ll get it done ASAP.

Game Recommendations a b. Special Events b c. Rachel c 1. Rachel’s Car SMS c1 d. Circuit a b. Sprint b c. Drag c d. move d e. Street X age f. URL f g. Downhill Drift g h. Outrun h i. SUV i Drag Races a. Blown system a-b. Totaled b c. Shifts c 1. Short Shift c1 2. Good Shift c2 3. Ideal shift c3 4. Over Rev c4 Drift Races a. Score Multiplier a b. Additional Points Sections b 1. Normal Drift b1 2. Downhill Drift b1 c. Drift Types c Magazine Covers a. Cycle Cameras a-b.

Show Off b c. Control automobile c d. Powerslide a b. Drafting b c. Spray Show c d. Avoid Accident d age. Reverse age f.

J-turn f g. Lead Lap h i. Gained Position i j. Head Start j k. Burnout k l. Hydros l m. Hangtime m n. Wash Section n o. Shortcut o p. Traffic struck p q. Cleared Accident q Bayview a. City Core a-b. Beacon Hills b c. Jackson Heights c d. Coal Harbor East d age. Downhill Drift e f. Street X g g. Version 1. Added “components” part, Important Info, a brand new thery about reputation things, that i believe is right, and brand new stuff in the Cleared Accident. I additionally developed a unique email. Reordered the Walkthrough. Additionally began the Career Mode component.

Finished Drift Races, Bayview. Added Cleared crash from the N2O section. If anybody features a significantly better one, please deliver it in my opinion. Send this version to GameFAQs, hope they accept it. My computer remains bad, I’m going to contain it fixed for tomorrow, i am hoping. I am utilizing my laptop. However my computer screwed up. May possibly not be positioned on any webpage or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written authorization.

Use of this guide on any other internet site or as part of any community display is purely prohibited, and a breach of copyright laws. Web www. This video game offers you the possibility to freeride around the town, an upgrade from the NFSU. In this game your able having up to 5 vehicles on your own storage, and you can drive SUV Sport Utility vehicles.

Whenever you play this video game the very first time, you’re going to be expected to create a Profile. Create it with all the name you desire. During the primary menu you will see Rachel’s Nissan Z. By the way, if you haven’t observed, Rachel Teller is Brooke Burke. Whenever you enter career mode, you’ll know who’s Rachel, so when you progress on the game, the vehicle you notice during the main selection can change. It will be the non-tunned version of your car or truck no improvements, decals, hoods, etc.

Sometimes you get fed up with going from 1 location to another to begin a battle. To access the map, press left in the D-pad. When there you’ll see all the stores you’ve unlocked, some opponents to challenge on an outrun race, together with understood events, not the concealed people.

As soon as regarding the map, you are able to pick what you would like to see, and what you never. To do that, emphasize a type of occasion or shop, then press the [] button. If you hide some thing on the world chart, you will not see regarding the radar both. So be careful, because if you do not see events on the radar, and you also look for a secret one, you may think it’s a consistent battle.