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Hungry shark evo electro shark.Electro Baby


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It was included with the game in October it’s loosely based on the primitive Scapanorhynchus Shark which can be very closely related to the modern Goblin Shark , and has the special capability is shocking all nearby victim whenever boosting. At degree 1, the Electro shark is smaller compared to a Barracuda or a Turtle. At level 10, it really is as big as a completely grown Tiger Shark and it has an awful boost bar worse than a Reef Shark ‘s. The Electro Shark is only able to be considered whenever Top Secret laboratory is unlocked with a top score with a minimum of 75, It costs 25, coins or gems to shop for, rendering it the most affordable Top-Secret Lab shark.

The Electro Shark is a really decent shark that starts every online game at a small dimensions only a little larger than a barracuda or turtle. It eventually expands to the size of a totally grown Tiger Shark. It expands quickly, but growth is certainly not saved. If the Electro Shark boosts, it stuns prey having its unique power ” Electric Shock”.

Stunned prey grant 2x point bonus. The Electro Shark has a health club much like the Great White Shark ‘s, but a good start bar smaller than a Reef Shark ‘s, making its boosting abilities rather limited. Also, boosting doesn’t give the Electro Shark a much higher speed. However, this is not to express that the Electro Shark is not a strong shark.

The Electro Shark can digest nearly precisely what can be eaten by a Megalodon exemption: green and green jellyfish and even some larger victim. It can’t consume mines though. Numerous people consider the Electro Shark better than the Ice Shark , which may be true, seeing that once the Ice Shark makes use of its boost it really decreases.

Nevertheless it’s considered among the less competitive sharks associated with the Top Secret Lab. When compared with regular sharks, the Electro Shark makes a tremendous amount because of its good deal. Its basically a good White Shark that can stun its victim, nonetheless it’s way less expensive. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have an account? Begin a Wiki. Sharks from HSE. Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Loosely on the basis of the shockingly terrifying, primitive ‘Scapanorhynchus Shark’.


Hungry shark evo electro shark.Electro Baby | Hungry Shark Wiki | Fandom

Take control of an extremely Hungry Shark and carry on a frantic ocean rampage, surviving as long as possible by consuming every little thing and everybody in your way! Explore a beautiful underwater world and evolve /5(M). The Enemy electro shark are enemy sharks which can be situated nearby the surface associated with the water. It’ll occasionally yield a gem. These are brand-new sharks introduced in Natasha the Narwhal ‘s inform. Perhaps, only the Tiger Shark and more powerful can eat the opponent shark. The Electro Baby is a child shark in Hungry Shark development.

A Shark is a playable personality in all of this Hungry Shark series. Some sharks have enemy variations. The ball player can only just eat the adversary variations if making use of that shark or a stronger one. But, in some installments, you’ll eat sharks MUCH larger than you may be. Hungry Shark Night. Its appearance is similar to the main one in Hungry Shark development. It is the single shark that is playable. Hungry Shark: evening has actually three sharks: Tiger Shark that is unlocked by default, but the Great White Shark and Hammerhead Shark needs to be purchased using real cash, or by watching some movies.

However, there is an extremely large possibility you need to purchase them with real cash, in terms of numerous people, you simply can’t view any adverts anymore. Hungry Shark Evolution. Great White Shark. Huge Daddy Dunkleosteus. Snappy Mosasaurus. Alan, Destroyer of Worlds. Leo Liopleurodon. A really powerful yet significantly difficult to get a handle on shark, that may teleport round the chart and sometimes even into another measurement during an gold dash! A extremely powerful shark that may walk-on land, obliterate buildings and melt any adversary shark along with it’s Atomic air.

Abysshark Shark Through The Depths. A shark that may suck-in victim along with it’s void mouth ability and stun such a thing near while in gold-rush. A very powerful shark that may destroy all nearby prey and opponents with it’s Heart Beat Ability and decimate every little thing in front along with it’s Rays Of Extinction capability during a gold rush.

Professor Kempstein’s Lab Sharks You need a certain amount of points to unlock the different sharks. Natasha the Narwhal. Hungry Shark World. Hungry Shark World , the modern game within the Hungry Shark show, features much more sharks than just about any various other game in the series undoubtedly. The sharks tend to be:. Blacktip Reef Shark. Whitetip Reef Shark. Spike Stethacanthus. Smooth Hammerhead Shark. Heidi Wobbegong. Echo Ichthyosaur. Great Hammerhead Shark. Huge Momma Dunkleosteus. Buzz Helicoprion.

Ancient Megalodon. Alpha Zombie Shark. You can find infant sharks and creatures, including a child Megalodon , a baby Great White , a child smooth Hammerhead , an infant Mako , an infant Porbeagle and a child Killer Whale. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

Sign In don’t possess an account? Start a Wiki. All of 23 Sharks. Sharkjira Kaiju Shark. Kraken Cephalopoid Shark. Luminte Narralliclyus. Each of 33 Sharks. Mr Snappy Mosasaurus.

Mecha Sharkjira Robo Kaiju Shark. Universal Conquest Wiki. Reef Shark. The initial shark for the online game. Has a little diet, health, and improve attribute. Nevertheless, it has the slowest wellness strain of all, meaning it may stay live longer than a Megalodon. Mako Shark.

A mediocre shark. Has actually a bigger diet. Relatively reasonable wellness drain and a tad bit more wellness. Quicker and stronger than the Reef Shark. Hammerhead Shark. Tiger Shark. Good shark for dangerous prey. Can consume pufferfish even though they’ve been filled. Can go in deep seas and has better yet health compared to the Hammerhead. Top shark of all the 5 basic. An excellent diet, includes blue jellyfish and Evil Great White Sharks. A giant monster shark effective at eating most prey, including all jellyfish and normal and enormous mines, yet not ultra mines.

Wide range of wellness, but very fast drain. Specially when on land. Has a big bite. A very powerful “Shark” in the video game, can consume everything, also mini subs and super mines, large amount of wellness, nonetheless it goes away quick, especially on land, additionally utilize it’s tongue to pull in prey. It really is in a position to consume every little thing except toxic cans, volcano jets, enemy Alans, adversary Moby Dicks, opponent Leos, and any other thing more powerful. It’s a somewhat large health pool and is extremely fast. Large amount of health with really, quickly wellness strain.

Moby Dick. The 6th most powerful shark, it may destroy stones and consume mini subs, it may also vacuum victim when improving with a turbulence. Nessie Plesiosaur. The monster escaped the Loch Ness through a magic portal Nessie is real, and it is hungry! Sharkjira-chan will distribute horror over the surface!

Stomps mercilessly on its sufferers and shoots ’em using its atomic breathing! Abysshark will start its toothy, demonic lips to soak up everything and also to give off brain managing waves against opponents! The Kraken is introduced. Behold its tentacular fury! It changes colors when finding enemy sharks, transforms into a giant exercise and a saw of mass destruction, and discharges its tentacles as whips.

And relating to pirate tales of yore, it will smash all boats getting back in its way Luminite Narralliclyus. Final seen a couple of hundreds of years ago, this creature ended up being technologically changed by an ancient and missing society. Behold the secrets from it’s horned head, therefore the deadly ability that makes this shark so destructive! Ghost Shark. One of the most powerful and definitely the most costly of the Top Secret Lab sharks.

He is invincible except while in Ghoul Rush , and can teleport through walls whenever improving. A shark with several special capabilities. In its regular stage, it may stick its tongue completely or become hidden to prevent itself from getting damaged. It may also consume the enemy alternatives of Electro, Ice, and Pyro Sharks while simultaneously. And it is types of a copy cat. One half shark, half wolf. Every night, this shark changes into its evening form and becomes much more effective.

Alongside the Ghost Shark the Wereshark is just one of the top predators in Professor Kempstein’s lab. Electro Shark.