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Reason: No reason offered. Kindly edit these pages to enhance its grammar, spelling, or format. Jack Ryan Quire born: May 29, [age 26] and Stephen Quire born: July 28, [age 27] , better known online as wafflepwn , tend to be American YouTubers recognized for their Greatest nut out ever before Series. The whole show contains Jack Stephen’s younger brother tracking Stephen raging over arbitrary things for a random reason.

In the 1st panic video clip, Stephen had been upset due to his warcraft membership being canceled by his mother. The video footage of Stephen’s temperament tantrum made a viral hit and currently has over million video views. Jack quickly comes into Stephen’s area, plants a camera, and leaves.

Stephen gets in his space and throws a huge tantrum after his mother cancelled his warcraft account, where he strips off his clothing and seems to take to shoving a television remote up their bottom among the meltdown for unknown reasons. He eventually tires away and makes the room, where Jack re-enters and retrieves the digital camera. Stephen is playing an on-line game on the pc. Another player, whom actually is Jack, was continuously betraying him in-game, which made him scream obscenities and threats in the online game.

Their mother sooner or later goes into the space and causes him from the computer, aggravated by their yelling. Your family buys Stephen a beat-up old truck for his 16th birthday. Nevertheless, Stephen performed nothing like it so he started harming it with a baseball bat right in front of his family, taking his clothing down in the act.

Jack’s mom eventually makes him turn off the digital camera, closing the video. While Steven and Jack’s parents aren’t house, Stephen is on the front porch playing his dad’s guitar and Jack constantly annoys him by saying he sucks at playing it. Stephen gets really frustrated and in the end breaks your guitar by smashing it against the floor, then will leave the scene. Stephen is attempting to cook a TV dinner into the microwave, nevertheless the microwave oven is defective and cannot heat it up even with 7 mins.

Stephen gets increasingly annoyed as he yells at their mother in regards to the bad microwave oven, and finally throws the television dinner on to the floor, takes the microwave exterior, throws it on the ground, and falls huge stone about it. Jack and Stephen’s grandma is babysitting them while their particular moms and dads tend to be away.

Stephen really wants to view TV, but their grandmother really wants to view the headlines. The two then battle on the TV and their grandmother leaves, not once hitting Stephen with her paddle. Stephen’s mama is making Stephen vacuum the carpet. The vacuum keeps turning down and dropping apart, fundamentally irritating Stephen enough to make him smash it on to the floor, breaking it.

Their mama confronts him and also the two argue, but eventually his father comes and confronts him aswell, causing him to flee on to the garden. He tries to hightail it, but the family’s puppy chases him and keeps slamming him over. Jack and Stephen tend to be playing Guitar Hero. Stephen keeps losing to Jack and getting frustrated.

In the middle of a song, Jack desires to say or ask Stephen something which makes him drop practicing the guitar in frustration. Jack then gets aggravated by Stephen’s actions and converts the console off. Stephen gets truly angry and assaults and chases Jack across the room, but he manages to escape. The fighter Stephen is rooting for eventually appears to lose, causing him to toss a tantrum where he does not want to allow Jack keep his area and blows out the panels in the door.

Stephen is using exclusive gymnastics lessons, nevertheless when Jack starts shooting him, he gradually gets more irritated. The instructor guides him through a fitness helping to make him get into a pit of foam obstructs, causing him to obtain extremely frustrated and yell at her as he leaves the scene.

Stephen really wants Halo: Reach, but their mother will not purchase it for him, so he breaks the household television set.

This makes Stephen’s mom call the police on him. Whenever an officer comes, Stephen continuously tells him to cool off. Stephen eventually pushes the officer, resulting in the officer to pepper squirt and arrest him.

Jack ended up being not able to capture the component where Stephen smashed the television which is unknown exactly what happened to Stephen later. Stephen gets grounded while the internet gets power down for just two days at the family members’ home. Stephen was in the middle of playing Runescape and begs their mom to turn it back on for 10 minutes so they can inform their buddies about their scenario. After she refuses numerous times, he takes the pc chair outside and operates over it because of the family members’ Hummer, operating away on it.

Jack did a promotional vid for thehappiestcompany. They then bring Stephen here to accomplish a promotional vid as well, but he refused to and had been rude to your manager as a result of their thick Russian accent. The manager attempts to calm him straight down and explain the company’s objectives which include being unbiased towards straight or homosexual people. He motions towards Stephen while he says “gay”, which causes Stephen to hit him to the flooring, thinking the manager labeled as him gay.

He ultimately has a meltdown and starts destroying random objects when you look at the studio while his mommy yells at him to quit. What exactly is thought becoming a secretary arrives to discover what exactly is happening, and Stephen pushes him apart as he renders the scene. The family gets a swimming pool installed within their backyard, and Stephen’s father keeps motivating him to swim. Stephen refuses his attempts, then again his father eventually pushes him in to the pool.

Stephen flails around in the water just as if he’s drowning, even though it is pointed out it’s only 4 legs deep. Stephen’s dad comes into the share and grabs him, tossing him a little distance in the water. It’s not clear what took place later, however it appears just as if Stephen punched his father in the face. Their dad requires he actually leaves the pool, where he picks up a lawn chair and tries to throw it at his dad, who dives under the liquid to dodge it.

The 2 argue as Stephen storms off, claiming he does not want to swim because he “isn’t a seafood. For their 18th birthday celebration, Stephen gets a tattoo at a parlour. He ultimately ends up over and over repeatedly screaming in discomfort because of the needle, and whining just how painful it really is. Then he tries to allow musician do their job it is struggling to withstand the pain sensation of the needle and storms from the parlour with his incomplete tattoo.

Stephen started using culinary classes at school! He tries making dinner home, but Jack starts messing with him and variations his ingredients, causing Stephen to toss an egg at him and suddenly ending the movie. Stephen made a large mess of pans and pots after he finished preparing.

His mama requires him to wash it up and wants Jack to record him doing it for “proof. Stephen fundamentally gets fed up and begins taking the pans outside and tossing them in to the yard. After a few trips, their father brings up in the driveway and grabs him doing it. He goes back inside the house and his father requires Jack just what Stephen is performing. Stephen exits the house and tosses a toaster at his dad’s foot, causing his dad to interrogate him.

Stephen fundamentally tosses a small number of gravel at their dad and runs away together with dad in quest. Their particular mother bought all of them house a cat, but Stephen doesn’t like cats. So Jack tells Stephen to at the least dog it, but he gets afraid and gets into a car or truck and drives away.

Stephen obtained a speeding ticket when it comes to third time, so his parents just take their tips away. Stephen is then provided for their space and produces in pretty bad shape in the area similar to the first episode. Stephen then simply leaves and attempts to get away with his mother’s scooter, but he collides with it on the grass and works away. Jack’s mother sooner or later tends to make him change the camera down. The family continued a sightseeing boat tour in the Bahamas and Stephen desired to catch the seafood noticeable through the boat.

The guide informed him these people were limited to taking a look at, but Stephen held pressuring him and getting frustrated. Ultimately, the guide threw Stephen from the boat and his dad hopped in after him since he could not swim.

Jack, Stephen’s cousin, along with her family tend to be residing at their house for 3 days. Nevertheless when Stephen learns that they’re using their room, he enters a huge debate after which throws their particular luggage downstairs. While their sister and her household prepare to leave, Stephen is still angry at them for taking their space. Then he enters another huge outburst with all the family members downstairs. Then what is apparently the husband of his sibling gets fed up with Stephen’s behavior and chases him out of the house.

Stephen tends to make a real-life reproduction associated with the Batmobile. Jack, once again, starts messing with him. After turning a switch that made the automobile’s engine smoke, Stephen angrily chases him out from the storage. Stephen desires to go to Comic on via his Batmobile but doesn’t have any seats. Therefore he informs their moms and dads that he marketed his vehicle to purchase the seats. Their parent then strikes him for their mindset and chases him. Jack’s mom tends to make him switch the camera down.

Stephen’s mother is attempting to have him to stay on a float for a parade. Stephen refuses, chases everyone else that was regarding the float, and begins trashing it. He could be then confronted with the owner of the float which contends with him. Whenever Stephen goes out to see which its, Jack locks the door behind him therefore Stephen is locked out in the snowfall.

He walks across the garden within the snow using nothing but jeans and boots and methods a window, yelling for his mom. His mom eventually finds out what exactly is taking place and lets him in, where he instantly strikes Jack. Jack filmed Stephen dancing into the song Gangnam Style as soon as he sooner or later saw him he began to chase him. Then Stephen tripped and Jack started to laugh at him. Stephen quit his 3rd work and gets to an argument together with mom. Their mom shuts down Stephen’s computer and drops over in his seat, observing Jack.

Then proceeded to go into Jack’s area and simply take Jack’s old television and went away from home along with it.


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Greatest freak out ever 4 While Steven and Jack’s moms and dads are not house, Stephen is regarding the front porch playing their father’s guitar and Jack continuously annoys him by saying he sucks at playing it. Stephen gets really frustrated and in the end breaks the guitar by smashing it contrary to the floor, then actually leaves the scene. Greatest nut out previously 5. Jul 10,  · ?mt=8?feature=mhee Jul 10,  · ” Greatest freak out ever 4 ” is a Greatest panic previously episode from period. In this event, Jack pesters Stephen by informing him he sucks at playing guitar, causing Stephen to freak out and destroy their dad’s d by: wafflepwn (Jack Quire).

This article is a transcript of the Greatest Freak Out Ever episode ” Greatest freak out ever 4 ” from series, which published on July 10, This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register Don’t have a free account? Start a Wiki. Episode Gallery Transcript this short article is a transcript of the most useful Freak Out Ever episode ” Greatest nut out ever 4 ” from series, which uploaded on July 10, Stephen’s playing his dad’s electric guitar Jack: Okay, my moms and dads aren’t home. Stephen’s playing my dad’s electric guitar.

So, i am gonna wreak havoc on him a bit, ok? Stephen, you draw at guitar! Stephen: I don’t care everything you believe! I told you freakin’ a million times, I do not care, I’m much better than you! Jack: guy, you freakin’ suck! Stephen: Shut up! I am a lot better than you, freakin’ whore!

Stephen plays the exact same four chords ad-nauseum Jack: Dad’s gonna be so mad as he realizes Stephen: I’m perhaps not afraid of him! I don’t care if he discovers! Stephen: Phone him, I do not care. Call him up, I don’t care, disappear completely! Stephen plays the same four chords followed by stupid mistakes Jack: Stephen, you suck! Stephen: CLOSE My god, you have got no freakin’ life! Jack: laughs Stephen: there is no need a life! Jack: Think About It, dude! Stephen: Yeah, go get a freakin’ life! Freakin’ whore!

Stephen: What Is your problem? Jack: Oh, my god! I do not care everything you believe! Stephen gets up. Have the freakin’ camera out of my face! Jack: You freakin’ pull at Stephen: Go freakin’ away! Jack: laughing Stephen: I’m freakin’ He hits a-clock with all the guitar Jack: Dude, check you.

Dude, what are you will do Get the freakin’ Jack: You can’t even break it! Stephen: he breaks it Here! Jack: Where will you be going, Stephen? Stephen: Get the digital camera out of my face! I am smarter than you! Jack: Are you simply operating away? Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.