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It is readily available for install in iOS and Android os. You are the youth friend of five boys in a little area. After moving out due to your parent’s task, 10 years later, you are straight back! The prologue begins with you coming to your home town after 10 years. You wander around and you also enter a flower shop to get plants.

Indeed there, you satisfy Haruki which at first will not recognize you. After that, you then visit a cake store and you are ‘insulted’ by Ichigo, who reluctantly acted as the cashier for the store.

When you leave the cake shop, Annan and Ryuzo mistakes you for a thief plus they begin questioning you, much to your confusion. Fortunately, Haruki came along and cleared things up between your three and then he also informs Ryuzo your are in fact their particular youth buddy who relocated away 10 years ago. The three then visit Ebony Ship, the place where you are keeping.

During the Ebony Ship, you meet with all of her youth pals, including Ichigo which arrived by. And selecting which shop you want to see will determine which character you’ll adore.

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Kou Uraga Reiji Uraga. Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Do you have confidence in future? You get back to your home town after a 10 12 months absence. You come across your old crush, who’s all grown up. Going to college collectively, referring to memories regarding the past…The two of you’re getting closer day by day. You’ve understood him forever. Now feel the thrill of unexpectedly dropping for him. Haruki is cozy, friendly and sort. His family members runs a flower store and he features only a little sis, Sae, whom he cares for.

He’s one of many school idols and is when you look at the Karate club. Ryuzo is older than you by a year and helps out at their family’s veggie shop. He is brash and rather clueless. He has got two more youthful sisters, Rika and Rino, and a younger cousin, Ryunoshin. He acts like an older sibling but is extremely childish sometimes. Ichigo has had a crush for you ever since you’re bit. He teases you plenty and it is sometimes imply to you. He helps on reluctantly at their family’s patisserie.

He claims he dislikes assisting aside at his family’s bakery, cake, as well as you, but whoever really knows him understands what all those things imply to him. He’s an adult brother known as Togo. Takeshi is cold often, off inside the very own world. He calls you “little duck” sometimes. He’s an associate associated with track group and helps their the household’s bathhouse. He has a really hip grandma. Enjoys manga greatly, particularly Shounen Hop. Takeshi can come down rude, but while you have fun with the game- he lightens up and becomes more ‘romantic’.

Rihito’s a flirt to many women and a tease to you personally, which also plays the piano perfectly, he’s a mom that runs the piano school and is rather rigid with him. Once they were more youthful, Rihito had been a crybaby and you also constantly assumed he had been a woman due to their appearance. Johji has cafe Ebony Ship. He treats you prefer his or her own ‘daughter’ in other paths and is over safety of you.

He enjoys having both you and the boys around at his cafe. Koh works part time at Ebony Ship and keeps their distance. He’s would rather be alone, and then he’s peaceful, but once he talks, he is dull and claims just what’s necessary. Although he’s not to sociable, he nonetheless looks out for you. Reiji works at Black Ship and is popular because of the females.

He also teaches cooking, in which you and his buddies simply take his cooking classes.


Dreamy days in west tokyo.Download Dreamy Days in West Tokyo for PC

Jul 04,  · Dreamy Days in West Tokyo – Rihito Hatsune principal Story Walkthrough. Richy can be adorable as I thought he’d be, but also with a sprinkle of charm. Okay, so in excess of a sprinkle. The feels i acquired from him during this story, nngh, he were able to sway my heart far from my infant Ichy more than I thought he’d. Anyway! Install Dreamy Days in West Tokyo for Computer – no-cost down load Dreamy Days in West Tokyo for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10, Nokia, Blackberry, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo – free down load Dreamy Days in western Tokyo Android app, install Android apk app for PC, install no-cost android apk files at . Jun 11,  · Download Dreamy Days in West Tokyo for iOS to learn the Prologue and Episode 1 for each personality for free!Do you genuinely believe in future? You come back to your Subcategory: Entertainment computer software.

Download APK 9. Share on:. App Specs Package com. Information Do you believe in destiny? You run into your old crush, who is all grown up. Planning to college collectively, discussing thoughts of the past… The two of you are receiving closer day by day. You’ve understood him forever. Now experience the excitement of unexpectedly dropping for him. But now you are getting piggyback trips and sudden kisses… What’ll you are doing now you see brand-new sides of these dudes? Telling you about the feelings he’s held onto for decade at your key hiding destination, seeing shooting stars from the park where he kissed you a decade ago… Experience totally intimate scenes with the guys from your last!

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