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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Shop Webpage. Importance of Speed: Undercover Shop Webpage. You never thought it could turn-out similar to this. An all-out chase for which you’re the hunted. Plus the hunter. Now you must get when driving and risk everything to infiltrate a ruthless international criminal activity syndicate and take them straight down.

Go to the Store Page. Most well known neighborhood and formal content when it comes to past week. Game is likely to be delisted from Steam. View videos. View all guides. View artwork. Ghost B. Jvst Declare. Personal Joker. We cry each night about this time We slept on buying NFS purchase. See screenshots. Could it be the first time you’re playing this game? Thinking like “therefore damn bugged online game”? Check this guide then. Jack of Games. Igor the Viking. Extra cheat codes. Orange Julius’ Mazda RX-7 vs Leon Scott Kennedy.

I have struggled to get a solution because of this problem as absolutely nothing uploaded on the internet aided. The video game desperately should be updated but i assume EA does not give a damn. To everyone who has this game on Steam. Congrats, now you’re element of a select club. Plese put the games back on sale. We ask everyone which could not purchase games yesterday that have been erased yesterday We need the return of games.

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We give you, Undercover artistic Enhancement Mod; This mod rebuilds the complete visuals of Undercover, draw distance is improved and correctly masked, bloom now perfectly blends using the environment in accordance with an overall total of 10 customized skyboxes in 8K and 4K resolutions which can be restored straight into the overall game data, I happened to be in a position to offer each zone of the chart an original and radiant look in order to identify a . Undercover: Widescreen Resolve (Not Avaliable) Screen Resolution Detector (Vapor Version) Generic Resolve. Need For Speed Undercover Remastered. Tall Contrast HUD. Xbox Beta HUD. NFS Undercover Collection Edition Car’s Unlocker. Enhanced Pinkslips. FOV fix + NEW Handling model for several automobiles! + Minor tweaks (improvement 2/4/) Customizable Bloom impact. Numerous NFS Undercover Cut vehicle Restoration Pack V1 (Add-on) Need For Speed Undercover TacticalUnitEnforcer much more by TacticalUnitEnforcer Added: Nov. 13, , p.m. Downloads: 3,

Great Work, realy good too see new changes! Therefore is it possible to include brand new car to online game datebase with this specific variation, without changing anything? Or even might it be feasible in the future variations, or it cannot be done after all? These days I attempted to include another Fiat Punto. From then on there were 2 Puntos within the showroom,but the video game could not load my saves. Maybe i did so something wrong,but if you want to test it you need to have a non-modded version. Amazing work,no words,keep that way! Only pleace put undo function,cause often you are able to erase a node by mistake :.

This might be awsome, Will there ever at any moment in time end up being the possibility to include stand alone cars into the online game without changing one? I’m nonetheless trying to copy a preexisting car however the overall game does not load my savegames. So pleace tell myself if i need to download other tools or i could do so already. Protect compatibility probably breaks,you need certainly to make use of NFS Extra Alternatives by nlgrgzn since it enables you to load the incompatible saves with no problems. Hello, first of all, thank you for the change, it creates modding much easier.

I recently found just a little bug while modding NFS World, when you add a node or edit node areas to add even more, the “daynight” cycle messes up and gets caught in sunset. I am aware the bug is somewhere inside “attributes. It is simply small, but I hope that it can be fixed. Anyway, thank you again nfsu :. They just look for me somewhere and don’t move any longer even when I’m stopping. Well,what works wrong? The video game or VltEd? Simple tips to fix this? I noticed that only some of vehicles have actually this issue I haven’t examined all of them to tell you exactly.

Additionally i would really like you to let me know just how to add traffic and extra cars to the showroom. I attempted a few times,but then the video game could not load or save your self any profile. Do you want to help me to? NFS-Toolkit What’s about consoles textures export device? Like for PS2 Demos. We saw some nice auto mods, like tunable GT2 with bodykits, but exchange Carrera S. I have idea of using car mod M3 E46 road version and adjust it so it will have performance components and all sorts of aesthetic improvements.

As I’ve heard it is possible to change just those cars that the mods were designed for. So that you can not put your new rather than any automobile besides Carrera. Underground 2 does not open properly it doesn’t say that there’sn’t a supported form of the overall game when I select the folder, but nothing shows up into the window. If it doesn’t add Ug2 as a potentially editable game , that obviously means it won’t open it. NFSUG2 is kinda old and doesn’t always have a vlt architecture afaik.

I want update the interpretation to Portuguese-BR. How to fix “a mistake took place while preserving. The changes cloud not be conserved.

Hey there I’m having an issue with this specific device this is certainly truly bothering myself. Latter, whenever I attempted to make use of this tool to manually change the noise for the M3, making it appear to be it did in NFSMW, this tool automatically resets all the formerly altered stats regarding the M3 back once again to the vanilla stats, making only the noise customizations undamaged.

How do you prevent this device to bypass my formerly installed mods back into typical? Hey nfsu, We have a concern to Editing in Vlt-Edit I can replace the used lenght with all the field editor, it is truth be told there a method to replace the size? The question is, If I am able to put a fresh entry into the dining table. I can not open up GlobalMemory. I can only open up it with the version 1. have you any idea the reason why this happens or just what do i actually do in this instance?

I am brand new in this of modding. This will be a fantastic tool, I apreciate so much your work. Yes, I’m able to open the file with Nfs-VltEd v1. Could be the R. Mechanics’ one. It could be that. I like this awesome work of art! Besides, how is it possible so that you can make it support NFSU2 also in the next version? It’s impossible. All of the configurations are in globalb.

Hello, i knew download, but once i get herb, the archive have actually erros, and i dont can extract. Can help me???? It generally does not run on my pc perhaps not an individual type of this program , my specs if it will help : windows xp sp3 32 bits intel pentium E 2gb ddr2 ram gtx excellent program the following.

Anybody knows how to utilize radiobuttons and checkboxes? Hello, nfsu I’ve recently encountered a challenge with your Vlt-Ed device. Usually, I was able to open Many Wanted and Carbon with the tool and edit some values. Today, the Vlt-Ed doesn’t accept Carbon.

Many Wanted works fine but Carbon v1. Kindly assistance. We have also experienced difficulty where pushing the Handbrake key arbitrarily causes the car to teleport into another location Palmont University if I use the Handbrake in Canyon Races or Drift Races, the car instantly teleports in to the black colored void.

I shall do it. We reinstalled the video game some mins ago and still absolutely nothing works We look for some solutions and do some research :. There is absolutely no such file in Carbon. Anyhow, the device lots your files without errors. I do believe it may be a permissions issue, so you will need to run the tool as an administrator or put in the overall game on a different partition.

I setup brand new patition new directory after plot to 1. NET Framework 4. Try to install any modscript with my files, im actually stoked up about your outcomes. Hey when i edit my values and do what ever using the Tool, i press save and it also gives me personally an error saying it is not conserved, any tips? I cant operate it, when i extract it and I also want to start it it states me it cant operate because its maybe not an Win32 application. Somebody assist me please. Hello, please can you assist me.

The file i can’t install I get application win 32 maybe not valid. Assist me please with an answer. Many thanks therefore, I do want to import an NFSCfg but it claims that the configuration is corrupted or otherwise not a supported structure even though it is not.

Any help or answer? Mine does not appear to work. Windows Troubleshooting Computer troubleshooting Microsoft windows aspect is in some means additional art than research; it’s extra of a wedding between your fundamental pc understanding and each one the peculiarities of one’s certain system.

This show can facilitate get you directed inside the correct path in order that you have got a higher plan regarding the troubleshooting resources that ar at your fingertips. The modifications could not be conserved” this say in need for rate many wanted. Hello, just how would I be able to modify the vehicle’s performance? As well as succeed obtainable in no-cost roam? I skip you corolla Hello, thanks a lot for the improvement. I tried to open up nfs carbon however it claims This form of importance of Speed isn’t supported.

The overall game version is v1. Can you assist me pls? I’ve created the sound mod. You can see it back at my station.