Cindy trimm atomic prayer download.Atomic Power of Prayer Part 1 – 10 (Full Version) Transcribed


Cindy trimm atomic prayer download.Dr. Cindy Trimm Constant || Atomic Warfare Prayer for Android Os


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May you be richly blessed! Dad, when you look at the title of Jesus the writer and finisher of my belief; we occur to establish my legal right and dominion over this area and over every territory which you have offered myself jurisdictional authority. In accordance with Daniel , you will be the only great and terrible God maintaining the covenant and mercy for them that love both you and for them that maintain your commandment.

I appeal to the Jesus whom said in 2 Chronicles , if shut up heaven that there be no rain, if I command the locust to devour the land or if We send pestilence amongst my folks, if my folks who are known as my title shall humble by themselves and pray and look for my face and change from their particular sinful techniques, then will I hear from heaven and I also will forgive them of their sins. I am going to cure their land, now mine eyes will be open and my ears attend to their prayer that is made into this destination.

For the time being have actually we selected and sanctified this household that my name could be indeed there forever. And mine eyes and heart shall be constantly there. We declare that this place is sanctified, We provide my body as a living sacrifice, by the shed bloodstream of Jesus, my savior and redeemer: make these prayers holy and appropriate unto you. We confess my sin and also the sins of our fathers, let grace and mercy prevail over us. We declare We have free passage for my prayer to ascend to the realm of the supernatural and won’t be earth bound.

We come into contract using the Supreme legal of paradise: i’m seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, therefore, war out of this jet and world. We declare that the anointing of God breaks every yoke, available every portal and assign angels to reinforce myself as I advance into brand-new amounts, brand-new measurements, brand-new realms and territory.

Allow here be a breakthrough within the heavens. I utilize apostolic and prophetic veins. I shatter glass ceilings. I smash spiritual pubs and metal membranes. I declare a breakthrough environment is set up. We recalibrate the spiritual weather and decree that each bit of Luke warmness should be exchange utilizing the fire together with zeal of Jesus. Baptize me personally using the Holy Ghost in accordance with fire. Let indeed there be fire in my own mouth as I advance in this prayer. We simply take expert over demonic and satanic atmospheres and climates produced by cultic activity, destiny altering images, incantations, ill spoken terms, witch craft, hostile environments, worry, terrorism, ritual, hatred, ethnic hatred, and violence, into the title of Jesus.

We command that the religious climate to shift, economic climate shift, social climate move, cultural environment move, educational environment move, political climate change, ecclesiastical environment change.

I command that the environment needs to be filled up with the fame of Jesus. Dad fill the environment, fill the environment together with your Glory. I change this environment and declare it is now ideal for my ministry to thrive, my interactions to thrive, my kiddies to flourish, my loved. We establish a supernatural environment for miracles o occur. I war when you look at the title of Jesus and also by His shed blood, that is the shed bloodstream associated with the Lamb, the lamb which was slain ahead of the foundations around the globe.

By Him, evil must be destroyed. This is exactly why was the son of God made manifest that He would destroy the works associated with darkness. We decree and declare the works of darkness is damaged. I decree every curse over my life is corrected. I break through from prevailing and sustaining capabilities of darkness over this area in the title of Jesus.

We arrest every demonic spirit through your word. Empower the angelic hosts to war within my behalf. We resist territorial strongholds. I sever ego-entanglements. Open up the gates of mental prisons and provide us through the spirits of pity, shame, harassment, iniquity.

Deliver us from the nature of strongholds and pleasure. Provide myself from stigmatization, mental blackmail, social impediments, seductions, satanic limits, satanic illusions, addictions, demonic limitation, social entrenchments, cultic stronghold, bewitchments, traditions, anti-Christ social surroundings. Free me personally from limitations, handicaps, impediments. I refuse to be marginalized, stigmatized, immobilized, terrorized, characterized, criticized, tolerated, censored, misjudged, mishandled, mismanagement.

We put on a cloak of favor. I disengage demonic triggers and mental buttons. We brief circuit them. I will be nonresponsive to demonic oppression. I establish my superior authority over this area because of the bloodstream, the term, because of the Spirit of Jesus. That is why we remind you that the boy of Jesus was made manifest that He would destroy the works associated with devil. I decree that the works associated with devil tend to be damaged. Its damaged over this region, it really is destroyed over my community, it’s damaged over my human body, over my family, over my kids, over my family members, over my ministry, over my pastor, over my doctor and lawyer, over my federal government.

The bad works associated with the devil is damaged. I declare and decree that the plans as well as the reasons of God shall prevail.

The word of God prevails. Their will prevail. My prophetic function and fate prevails. My sight prevails. My business prevails. My ideas prevail.

We prophecy to the four winds, that things having died prematurely and dry out because of satanic tasks tend to be quickened and become more active. I declare that the bits of my fate and financial ministerial relational problem: it comes together. My life all comes together. I decree, Hallelujah, that my money is coming together. My business is coming collectively. My connections are coming together. My family is coming together. Your body of Christ is originating collectively.

My ministry is coming together. My marriage, my loved ones: are arriving together. My budget is originating together. Our governing bodies are coming collectively. Our leaderships are arriving collectively. Everything is working collectively relating to your might. Father I thank you, to you nothing is impossible, so therefore, Father I decree and declare, hallelujah, that the flood gates of heaven tend to be opened. Allow it to rain. Spirit of God usher us into times of energizing which you promised will come through the existence of Jesus.

I decree and declare that there will probably be you can forget demonic droughts, you can forget demonic dryness, distress, infection, depression with no more demonic drama. We also come in the volume regarding the guide it really is written of us. We are available in the effectiveness of Jesus, Hallelujah, the God of Joshua, Hallelujah and we also decree and declare that every impenetrable wall must come-down. I shatter barriers, obstructions, barricades, and boulders. I declare that I am advancing into the calling, towards the functions additionally the intend to Jesus.

The cause of Christ is advancing in this area plus in every region. He is King over every region and His kingdom has reached hand. We simply take authority over every demonic stronghold and break the cords and bands of wickedness. We shake wicked from their illegal location. And simply take our rightful seat of authority. We simply take expert of Satanic alters when you look at the mountains.

We stand in the spirit of Elijah so we decree and declare that the God that answers by fireHe is God. We decree that the fire of Jesus destroys every alter. We command that the abilities of the adversary be damaged off of our resides, be broken away from our ministry, be damaged away from our house, be broken off of our mind, be damaged away from our interactions. They are broken off of our body, off of our life, off of our youngsters, away from our relationship, away from our spouse, away from our company, off of our methods,.

We decree and declare, hallelujah, that evil has no control over our life anymore. We get away from bad control, hallelujah, of the enemy. We get away from bad patterns, featheredges, charms, amulets, woo Luke pieces, talisman, stores, strut, bondages, incantations, addictions, generational curses, spirit of inheritance, demise, impoverishment, apathy, hopelessness, abuse, helplessness, prayerlessness.

We decree and declare-they are damaged. Anywhere and whatever the witches, the woo-lukes, the sorcerers, the sagest, the religions manipulators are utilising as points of contacts to produce curses via images, garments, strands of locks, personal products, garments, bowls, dirt, blood, voodoo-doll, alters, amulets, bowls, water, brooms, mixes, whatever its: I command that it is disintegrated in Jesus title, Hallelujah!

We interrupt lines of interaction between familiar spirits and sever unlawful activities designed to irritate the programs and purposes of God in our everyday lives. We command every evil attachment is broken. We command cords to be broken. We command every stronghold is damaged. We take authority on the spirits of question, enmeshment, entanglement, worry, horror, confusion, unbelief, intimidation, sin, iniquity.


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Had an enormous amount of energy to powerfully pray this prayer for virtually a hr. Some thing is within the atmosphere today. Thank you Sister for publishing this page! Many thanks, many thanks, thank you for transcribing! God bless You! Dr Trimm, more Grace, much more Power, more Love!!!!!!!!

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