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The cod 2 mod which makes the video game more practical. Improvement in current tool illustrations and animations, enhancement in soldier face illustrations, change in soldier death animations, quick run function, change in weapons harm and kickback prices. Colt — There is an enormous rebound but quite strong. Webley — Powerful 6 round big recoil gun.

Tokarev TT — Traditional Soviet pistol. Control is easier, but less effective. Walther P — Statistics are similar Tokarev. The views are different. Mauser Kar98k covered — 5 round rifles with very precise and powerful bolt-action. Mosin-nagant covered — the greatest distinction between this and Mauser could be the views. To look like other people. Lee-Enfield covered — fast, powerful and precise with 10 circular magazines.

Places aren’t the very best though. Springfield — US sniper rifle, 5 round publications, quick, accurate, powerful. M1 garand — One liter less powerful and precise than bolt action rifles, but 8 turns and semi-automatic.

You simply cannot reload the mag before the competition. Difficult to manage, big recoil, 15 laps mags. Stg — Accurate, powerful and completely automatic. In lengthy bangs, control are hard. FG — Hard to control. Then the AVT is better in almost every means. Thompson M1A1 — really powerful, but hard to control due to a big escape.

Additionally it is very hefty. PPSh — Recoil is good, nevertheless the rate of fire is really so high that it helps it be hard to control it whenever shooting completely automated. He could be hefty. Top firearm for cleaning areas. PPS — Simple to regulate. No huge advantages or disadvantages. This really is universal SMG. M3 Grease gun — Greater recoil and energy, but very easy to get a handle on once the rate of fire is reduced. MP — easy to regulate.

Low fever level. It is very simple to use. Bren — Good rate of fire, reduced recoil, very strong, however, if you want to aim, you need to be susceptible, it is extremely heavy and has now bad views. Perhaps not locations to see at the conclusion of the weapon they’ve been on the right BAR — Bren better places, reduced rate of fire and only 20 round publications. Everything else is similar to BREN. MG — Great rate of fire.

It is more challenging to control other individuals. The heaviest machine-gun, additionally the best. Install Link 1. Your email will not be posted. Rifle firearm — best for medium and quick ranges. Download the zip file through the download link. Credits: CZelednikov. Continuously updated since Fun games :. Related Articles. Cod 2 Modern Weapons Mod Summer 27, Leave an answer Cancel answer Your email address will not be published. Keep this industry vacant.

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Call of duty 2 realism mod.Call Of Duty 2 – Realism bring V – New PC Game Modding

Might 30,  · Zombie Realism is a mod that adds a complete ranking system to around 50 maps! ALL suitable maps come in data in Map Pack. Directions: just how to start a Zombie Realism Map in Solo: you ought to open console in online game and type ui_mapname [mapname] to open system use ` (switch underneath esc). 17 rows · Mar 15,  · Game mod – Download. The file Realism Load Screens + Intro Dialogues for . Might 30,  · Zombie Realism is a mod that adds a complete position system to around 50 maps! ALL appropriate maps come in data in Map Pack. Guidelines: how exactly to start a Zombie Realism Map in Solo: You need to open system in online game and type ui_mapname [mapname] to start system use ` (button underneath esc).

Call of Duty, wildly thought to be one of the greatest World War 2 games, gets a face lift using this sequel. The sequel to Phone of Duty, the overall game of the Year and champion greater than 80 awards, Call of Duty 2 provides more enormous, more intense, more realistic battles than in the past, as a result of the stunning visuals for the brand new Call of Duty 2 motor. Speirs has outdone himself just as before with this incredibly intense update to their CoD2 single-player realism mod. Many changes to SP maps, to many to call, but a large one is devoid of everyone else disappering on you throughout the attack on Hill they actually stay and battle And now there is no Lt.

Couple of things i wish to show, to begin with through the original online game Coffey is never again showen or used following the landing along with his sound matches Randalls, also whenever Higgins gets shot therefore does Sgt randall which doesn’t seem sensible, thus I switch Randall and Coffeys location and insted of Randall getting shot its now a Character called yours turely, Lt.

Today where would a realism mod be without WCP? Cannot just take a Kraut through the front? So now you or your Allies can pin him down and you will make a flanking run. Be warned the fire must certanly be constant because after slacking off for 3 seconds the german will begin to fire right back. No further of watching NPCs just take cooking pot shots at each various other to no result. Now the AI can be effective in combat when you are. Today address will be your saving grace, you can’t lone wolf it usually and you also must count on your comrades for fire direction, cover fire, ammo, or in the worst moments This mod makes the online game LOUD.

Since this mod adds a whole lot more content to the game and so I believe that I included a residential area built Frame rate booster must be included.

To put in and uses begin to see the overall performance fix read myself. These have already been taken mainly from WCPs noise mods and some from some other games, wish you like it. IN this mod is a collection of different skins from varous artist like Deltaforce, rusty, etc. Bugs: At some points it might probably cut through the online game, return back in to the selection and say error scpit something, this is simply not game closing or such a thing, simply press esc or click the okay button and return back to the online game, one bug that keeps popping up occurs when during the elalamin amount your allies you will need to toss grenades at targets hundreds of foot away, but absolutely nothing serious.

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Add addon Lt. Speirs’ Realism Mod 3. place Games : Call of Duty 2 : Addons. Filename ltspeirsrealismv3. Category Weapons Skin. Licence Proprietary. Uploader GameWatcher. Included Aug 14th, Size Downloads 1 today. MD5 Hash 20a20cefbbdf5f Embed Switch. Embed Widget. Install today. Pure genius my man. In the event the computer blows up or dies its not my fault, blame Walmart any queries or requests only contact myself E-mail:benisazn hotmail. Guest Feb 16 This remark happens to be awaiting administrator endorsement, join today to view.

Article an opinion. Check in or join with:. Follow Profile. Platforms Windows. Developer Infinity Ward. Publisher Activision. Motor IW System. Email Send Message. Homepage Infinityward. Release date Introduced Game watch Follow. Browse Addons. New Add addon. Community Rating. Typical -. Related Games. Call of Duty 2 First Individual Shooter. Speirs’ Realism Mod 3 will not be tagged however.

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