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All bug reports and technical assistance requests must be made from the Steam forums. Ways to get around Rook? Isn’t it a bit much? I’m additionally a plat Bakko player, and I also look for Rook generally to be one of my simpler melee matchups when compared with, say, Freya. Check out things that I’ve found to helpful:. He rushes in, and after that you shove him back out with a fading snare. Unless he took the recast dash rite, he is gone for 2 moments. Whenever you can land an axe and took Warlord’s Axe, that’s some more snare.

Be cautious about their counter, though. If he makes use of Crushing Blow, you are able to punish him with War Stomp for a 2. Against Rooks that like to take the Crushing Blow stun and follow through Rush with Crushing Blow to get more stun, you can get that incap pretty quickly if he dives your squishier teammate, going for time and energy to get away and, if they are a support, heal.

Rook doesn’t have much he can do if he just spread in and you weaken him, except fight at reduced effectiveness. Bakko is good at peeling Rook away.

Had a much easier time after following your guidance, thank you for finding the time to type it all out :. Against Freya I always attempt to be sure to win the very first two rounds.

Freya gets excessively effective with her battlerites giving her more shields. Its good to try out aggresive during these rounds because she’s absolutely weaker. Do not waste shield on the mace throw, the fixed does absolutely nothing for your needs and you should need that guard to stun her whenever she inflicts static for you and is autoing away like hell.

If you do not give consideration for an extra she’s landed 5 autos for you and done an enormous amount of damage so avoid being afraid to use your guard dash getting away for a second. Do not put axes at her a great deal otherwise she will simply countermand it and pull your team-mate in and trust me your team mate won’t be thankful. She is positively tough for certain, I occasionally simply attempt to ask my team mate to dodge her when i deal with her team mate.

She absolutely struggles in 2v1s with bakko due to the guard stun. Autoing her a couple of times then jumping together with her to get rid of the counter is an excellent bait a lot of platinum freyas appear to be seduced by. Sorry if it’s little help or i detailed obvious things, with Bakko I do not have too many difficulties with Freya. Something different to take into account might be you won’t have the ability to terminate your m1 with time however you could probably swing the mouse away therefore the m1 misses.

The simplest way to beat rook will be stay away from their counter or CC him if it causes and dodge his rooms possibly choosing his team-mate rather , they are the 2 primary things you have to consider. Perhaps you are having trouble because Rook can create far more pressure than many other heroes.

Being predictable is bad, particularly vs Rook so this might be where a lot of your condition comes from. Never trigger counter when he is towards you. But DO trigger it as he is far-away after he misses his sprint. Watch him flail uselessly as he wastes the timeframe walking your responsibility.

Needless to say its better to just not hit it, but if you have to strike it, then is the time. Aren’t getting struck by their space. This most importantly of all. Its excessively very easy to dodge with any escape but good Rooks will attempt to fake you on. If he misses this he has got no engage for 8 moments. Poke him in the event that you’re ranged. He has got no capability to poke back outside of his trash stone or EX M2. Freya with dual Hammer is frustratingly great at this.

I think Rook is literally BS but I’m in the minority. He is able to make so many blunders and also you nevertheless can’t also capitalize with punishment. He can totally whiff his counter, have his space on cooldown, have actually his right click bulwarked and he’ll however just R you into a wall.

Virtually truly the only champ I regularly drop against no matter what. I played 18 games the other night, destroyed 5 of those and every solitary some of those losses there was a Rook on the other staff. I’m bakko and plat 6. I have litarally no issues with just about any champ. So my punish is always half harm. If hes to my nerves hes dealing 2x the damage I am simply because of the. Dodging and never hitting counters is normally the manner in which you win any matchup.

That’d be one broken hero if you’re able to hit every counter and dodge nothing and still overcome them. Well needless to say I am maybe not striking it straight away. Simply kinda impossible to perhaps not hit it whenever I’m mid automobile. Always bait out of the counter, quite difficult but once you receive it down it’s easy, try and putting an axe at him but lacking it simply somewhat or simply just buffer a m1 and move right back straight away and when he wastes after that it you penalize and it also’s gg. You can find patterns that many rooks follow like countering immediately after a failed dash or immediately after the stun comes up.

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Become a Redditor and join one of numerous of communities. BattleRite submitted 4 years ago by LuigiNulwich. Currently Platinum 6, seem to win every game except against people just who perform Rook. We perform 2v2. Want to increase the conversation? Post a comment! Create an account.

Check out items that i have found to helpful: Track the cooldowns of his M2 and counter. You should attempt to track all cooldowns, but his M2 and counter are the ones you must be cautious about. They may be both 8 moments. You can easily interrupt their room together with your E in the event that you time it right or you might last time we definitely tested this, and I haven’t noticed it no longer working. Save Bulwark when you can for his M2 if he took the stun. You’ll Bulwark on reaction if you’re seeing because of it. Never place onto him when his M2 is up.

They can dodge it with M2 and then armor break you before you decide to can bulwark, and you’re gonna have actually a poor time. However if he attempts to M2 both you and you do not have Bulwark available, spacing onto him will dodge it and then he’ll have a poor time.

EX Space can throw down their timing if you positively need to place onto him while his M2 is up. Bait his counter by canceling M2s, even at melee range. Watch out for countertop in the future up once you have close to him, right after you struck him with E, immediately after you break incap, or perhaps in general any moment someone will probably want to hit a counter switch.

Not hitting their counter is truly crucial. If he takes the right that gives him Berserk if he lands Rush, not letting him land Rush becomes likewise important. It’s really hard for Rook not to swing into Bulwark while Berserk. Simply be cautious about the Crushing Blow or counter if he got Berserk away from dash as soon as the stun wears off.


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Battlerite is maybe not supported on Mac or Linux. However, some players happen in a position to use Mac/Linux utilizing Wine. More info here: [Inofficial] UNIX (Linux, Mac/OSX) assistance thread – WINE -. Every circular loss he blames myself in every talk therefore we drop the match. I’m unphased, queue up once more, and truth be told there he’s again back at my staff. Once again he attacks myself and my champ and death threats start developing. Perhaps the opposing staff could tell he had been crazy and were saying in all chat . This would give your GPU time and energy to make all designs prior to the driver resets it and triggers an accident. Players with Avast AntiVirus. This is an accident concern that develops within the startup loading screen. The blend of having Hitman Pro Malware reduction Tool and Avast AntiVirus installed and active while starting Battlerite may cause this crash.

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